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Ok I have a 3 month old kitten Cosmo and I've noticed lately he's been sneezing at least once a day. But the last two days he's sneezed 4 or 5 times so I was wondering if I should be concerned about this or not. He's been to the vets to get his rabies and distemper shots and as well as tested for disease. Thanks in advance
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About less then a year ago my roommate brought home a kitten with his girlfriend. The kitten was supposed to be a temperary edition to our home. Well, soon after he introduced the kitten to my cats (without discussing it to me first). My cats started sneezing not more then a week later.

I took my cats to the vet because they were sneezing constantly. The vet said it was a cold. Probably picked up from the new kitten but not to worry because it sounded like it was getting better.

It went away. So I guess my cats just had a little cold. Is this what your cat has? It's possible. If it seems like it's getting worse I recommend another visit to the vet. Other then that there's not much you can do until it goes away.
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We had the same experience with our kitten. She's around 3 months old now. She'd just been spayed and had her shots. Then about 2 days before we took her to have her stitches out, she started sneezing - maybe 3 or 4 times a day at most.

We mentioned it at the vets and he gave us some medicine for her, but said not to use it unless she started getting discharge (I guess from her nose/eyes?). We never ended up using it, it just went away on its own.

Obviously keep an eye on her, maybe just call your vet to ask about it. But she'll probably be ok, just take her in if you start to see discharge.

Of course, this is only advice based on my experience and what my vet said. This is my first kitten so maybe someone with more experience will disagree with what i've said.

I hope your kitten turns out to be ok!
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Thanks for the advice. I'll deffinatly continue to keep an eye on it and if he doesn't seem to stop sneezing then I'll call the vet next week. He's not acting any different (running around like crazy as usual lol) either so I guess maybe he just has a little cold. I've been a cat owner for just a little over a year lol and a kitten owner for almost 2 months so just wanted to make sure it wasn't sure if it's something I should bother the vet about yet.
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