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MY cat has problems!!:(

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My poor kitty,took her to the vets today just to have a wormer and a front line.
She had a check up and has a heart mumor the beggining of cataracks behind her eyes,and a possible thyroid,which she had a blood test for i get,
dont no what they are going to do for her!
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Oh, I'm so sorry that you are both going through this.

Have you had a chance to talk to your vet and familarise yourself with the tests and options? When do find out the results of the blood work?

Tell us a little about her.
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I'm very sorry to hear about your kitties health problems, try and stay positive for her until the test results come back, I'm sure they will be able to place her on some meds that can help.
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I get the results in a weeks time,i cant beleive how much she has wrong,she is a rescue kitty and should be about 9 but what the vet has said,because of her problems its possible she could be older!!I just hope they can help her,wouldnt be without her now
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There are medications that can help if she has hyperthyroidism. Sometime hyperthyroidism can cause heart murmurs that can resolve when the thyroid problem is treated. Sometimes the heart murmurs are separate. If she is hyperthyroid it is very important to treat her. There are several options: medication, surgery, or radioiodine (I-131). I would suggest starting with the medication. Be sure that the vet starts her on a low dose. If it isn't enough (determined through another blood test), you can increase it. Starting low will reduce the risk of side effects. If you can afford it, you may want to consider the radioiodine treatment. It is a lot of money upfront, but it can cure the hyperthyroidism. Unfortunately, your cat has to go to a facility to receive the treatment, and they have to stay there until their radiation levels drop afterwards, and I have heard that England's facilities keep the cats for several weeks. It's something you may want to do more research about.
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