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Problem covering waste in litterbox??

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I am new to the site, so hi to everyone.
I have recently obtained two beautiful ragdolls, one 4 months and another 3 months.

The 4 month old (male) is having problems using his litterbox - he actually uses it, but then when he tries to cover his waste up with litter, he does a strange thing where he stands up, and scratches at the wall beside the box with his front paws.

I started to use a hooded box as he was damaging the walls (and washing machine which was also next to the box and he started scratching that too), and he scratches away at the sides of the box.

I can see him get frustrated that his poo isn't covered and eventually he gives up. The box is jumbo size and big enough to fit him and turn around. He doesn't bother trying to cover up his number 1, just jumps straight out.

Can anyone help?? Thanks
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

My Tibby also like to scratch at everything ever when coveing his 'business' he does manage to cover it though!

On the other hand, Willow will just nip in and out again after a wee and just the same with his poo. I haven't found a way to get them to change, so just live with it really!

I just think that it's a good way for us to guage their health!
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My Magpie (bridge baby) used to do that. After a while I realised he wasn't actually trying to cover anything when he did it, but was actually getting litter out from between his paws! Are you sure yours isn't doing that? What makes you think he's frustrated? Some cats just don't cover.
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Try moving the pan to another location so that it's not near a wall or squashed between things.

My Abby doesn't cover her business either. Just gets in does what she needs to and literally leaps out. She hates getting her paws dirty and when she goes she perches herself on the corner of the pan with 3 legs and stands "tippy toes" on one in the box. LOL If it weren't for the fact that she sometimes forgets to turn around and accidently goes outside the box, I think that she would have been a perfect candidate for toilet training.
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My Rosie does it as well. She'll only scratch the wall if she's had a poop, never after a wee.
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Thanks all!! I guess I shouldn't worry too much then if it seems that other cats have similar oddities using the litter box! Thank you very much, I feel better (i am a fretful mother)

Urbantiger: I sense he's frustrated because he keeps scratching then sniffing and realising it's not covered and then scratching again, so on and so forth....
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Compared to Rosie who doesn't cover her poop and let's Sophie do it for her Sophie will be on the litter tray for ages covering and sniffing it until she's happy enough to step out.

That's one of the good things with cats, their so clean that way
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actually not covering is a way of telling the others who the boss is.

i have one cat who never covers.... and then another cat who goes in and covers every one's .... and then a third who jumps in and pees, and then jumps out... but always covers her poo....

i think it's just their own personal litter styles.
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Sebastian has never really covered his Poop. He will do the same thing and scratch at the side of the box for what seems like forever! And when he is done nothing is cover...he does not cover pee either, he just hops in and hops out with that.

My new kitten Theo on the other hand is a digger and burier! he will not only bury his deep but he now covers Sebastians as well. I think it hilarious!

As long as it is in the litter box I do not care what they do with it!!
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Thanks! Sebastian and Theo's situation is exactly what Sparkles and Bling do. He scratches away for ages and gets no where with covering and then along comes Sparkles and she will cover it up for him.

Such a relief to know this is not uncommon! Cheers everyone for your help
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My one cat tore the paper coating off a sheet rock wall!
However, it's a laundry/mud room so we just keep the boxes their. I thought of a clear piece of plexi plastic to nail on the wall. If it was in another room I would have but I'm not concerned because of the location of the litter boxes.

Another funny litter story........

I have a Sun Conure parrot who like to hold on to the front of the cage and poop's on the floor outside! When Murphy see's it, he will try to cover it..
It's so funny...
Also sometimes he will try to cover his food.
I'm thinking he must think it tastes like poop!

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