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As many know, Dutchy is my Nubbin tailed Diva of a cat. She had taught Little A to be picky as well. I have been feeding Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul, and Chicken soup for the kitten lovers soul and have been happy with it. Everyone seemed to like it, and have been doing well on it. Happy mom.

Than, two weeks ago I noticed Little A picking at his kitten food...and Dutchy the same. I thought perhaps it was the heat although we have AC and kept an eye on it. Well..its offically been refused, lol And as per Dutchys skills shes got everyone else starting to poo poo stick their nose up at the food.

So, keeping out the foods Ms Dutchy has already refused, we picked up a couple and so far it seems Authority is the favourite. in the taste test trials. I strive to find a food that everyone will eat, because i do free feed and with my wide variety of kiddos my vet is happy with that as they are all thriving and there are no weight issues. everyone can eat to their personal tastes and no one is overweight Food is kept up so Maia cant get into it since shes on raw, although she has little interest in it anyways.

So, my question is what are the thoughts on Authority? Ingridents read ok, And little A LOVED his sample he dug right in like it was caviar, lol ad I do like that they have a Indoor formula and a WhiteFish meal flavour (her highness likes chicken and something else mixed, lol)

I swear i do more for these kids and their diet than I do for myself, lol