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Simba has brought a kitten to us!

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Last night we was getting simba in and we thought we had him when his little head popped up from under the fence but it wasnt simba it was a striped tabby kitten who looks around 12 weeks and simba followed on behind him and it came straight into our house i offered it some water but it wasnt bothered we let it back out and shut the door but it squeked all nite on our step and this morning it came in as we had to open the door with it being warm and the kitten and simba just following each other round, it just pooed in our pebbles and covered it so i think it must be someones kitten as it is trained......most of our street is at work so ill ask about later on to see if anyone knows who it belongs to, we would keep it if noone claims it,but we are going away tomorow for 2 days so will have to see if its still around after then.
Havent even looked to see if its male or female yet,bless it....
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If you ring the rspca they have a list of all cats/kittens that have been reported missing in the area.

I also strongly reccomend taking it to be scanned for a microchiop and asking yuor vet of they have heard of anyone searching for a lost kitten.
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Please bring it in, it's probably to young to be on it's own. You can put up posters, ring vets, etc., on your return.
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Could you PLEASE leave it inside with Simba??? A quick walk-thru to kitten-proof the home won't take long & the risks are far less being locked up in your home than risking the streets, including construction. Or perhaps a compassionate neighbor would be willing to kitten-sit for a couple of days?? Please keep us posted!
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we just back from short wkend away, and my neighbour has been looking after simba she also has a cat and has been feeding the kitten now we are back he has come round here again, Im getting him into the vets tomorow so should no more about his age then, no-one on my street has lost a kitten so im not going to advertise that anywhere else because i dont want someone saying its theres when it isnt.Also the owners havent took good care of him have they to let him out so young so i would be wary of them if there is anyone having him back.That might sound selfish but i manged to keep simba inside until he was 5 months old and neutered so why cant someone else? If i find out hes chipped odviously i will get in touch with the owners.
My neighbour has taken to him aswell so i said to her we need to decide where hes going to stay at ours or hers she says he has eaten quite a bit of wet food,,he doesnt like simbas dry food so she can sort him out until we decide....Ill hopefully know more after vets if i get him in tomorow.
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I do think you need to advertise - it could be something simple that he managed to sneak out of the door while a kid was coming in, and it wasn't noticed in time, and he has wandered further than they have been looking. All you need to do is keep something off the poster that only the true owner will know. I wouldnt imagine him being chipped at that age, but he may be. I do hope either his owners or a home is found for him.
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thanks i know he could have sneaked out and maybe he isnt old enough to leave his mum yet he has really taken to simba wants to be around him all the time, i will have figured out what to do after seeing the vets but tonight will be keeping him in our conservatory and simba locked in the house as i dont know whether to leave them unsupervised through the night togther.Our conservatory is quite cosy so with food, and water and a tray he should be okay tonight its better than being left outside isnt it.
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With kittens running around here I could easily see how they could escape and once outside it could be difficult to catch them.

It's hard enough catching them in the house!!

It's not sounding like your cat is having an issue with her either, which is wonderful. Good luck with this one...
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Thank you for the update It does sound like the kitten will do great with Simba of course, the right thing to do is to post for the kitten, and also check out the "missing cat" ads, just to clear your conscience. IMO, it will be a formality since, as you said, if they let the kitten out intentionally, then they aren't the type to be searching high & low for the little one- more likely told themselves, "oh, well, guess a predator got it". BUT if they are desperately seeking her, then it seems that you will run across an ad - if she was scared, then she may have wandered far from her territory before she found Simba. Good job, Simba - you are this kitten's guardian angel!
Also, an odd question - what is the "conservatory"?
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Hi your last question a conservatory is a part of the house but you might know it as an 'outhouse'.Dont know what they are called over there but it is conservatory to us in the uk.

WE have took kitten to the vets, hes in good health apart from having fleas which we have got treatment from vets for...and for simba as he is bound to have them is a spot on treatment but a safe one.So we are going to have to wash bedding and hoover well too.
He thinks kitten is about 4 months old, and he is not chipped we will take him back for injections next week if hes still with us.As we have posted 2 signss one on our street and one on the main road so someone can ring if they have lost a kitten and if he fits description he can go back to owner.But in the mean time he slept well last night, has been using the litter tray and is play fighting with simba and is fine with us so he is settling well.Im odvioulsy keeping him indoors though to get used to his new environment.
Will post some pics of them soon they look alike its funny!
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