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Cat scratch with bruising

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Not sure if this belongs here.[couldn't find a more proper section.]

My friend has a cat that recently scratched them on the top of their hand causing bruising around the injured spot. There seems be a little puss buildup now and I am starting to worry a little.[though this and the bruise could have been caused by scrubbing the area after the scratch]

My friend doesn't want to go have it checked out keeps saying its nothing and will be fine as their are no symptoms to cat scratch disease such as:
* painful or swollen glands, especially under the armpits
* flu-like symptoms including headache, lethargy, decreased appetite, fatigue, joint pain, or fever or body rash.

The only odd thing realy is the puss, any advice at what I should do?[This same cat scratched me before but not as deep as mine was only light scarring as opposed to the claw getting stuck near my friend's vein.
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hi, i would get your friend to get it checked out, if there is puss there then there is infection it needs to be cleaned with sterile water and a non aderhernt dressing applied secured with a bandage or tape she may need some antibiotics and a tetnus shot if she hasnt had one in the last 10 years.
hopefully this is of some help im not a qualified nurse but have worked within a hospital setting for 4 years
michelle x
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Keep it open. Soaking it in hot water will help draw out the pus and open the wound. Then I use betadine or other antibacterial to clean it out really well. But keeping it open to prevent an abcess is the major point.
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Tell your friend that she should get it checked out now before additional symptoms start to develop. Maybe she will be lucky enough that it is only a minor infection, but she shouldn't wait to see if it gets worse.
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I agree to the cleaning suggested above. Having said that, keep a close eye on it - our Simba bit our daughter when we were trying to catch him to isolate him in one room (not his fault - he thought he was fighting for his life). She ended up getting blood poisoning (she had a red streak up her arm) and had to go to the doctor for antibiotics.

Simba bit both my husband and I as well during this same episode where we were trying to catch him and neither he nor I had any issues - just our daughter.
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