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Advice from rescues please

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Not sure if this is the right section, Just wanted a bit of feedback from people who do rescue - Tom has been with me a year tomorrow, no sign of a home yet, and I am wondering how well he would cope with being rehomed, he does suffer with stress related cystitis, and is quite attached to me - althoguh as I live on my own, it could just be cos I am the only human, and he could be the same with a new owner,but I dont know. Anyone had a cat in a rescue for so long, and got rehomed successfully?
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We have had cats in rescue for years who were rehomed successfully. Really it depends on the cat. I know you said he had no sign of a home yet, but has he met any potential adopters? How did he act with them? (This doesn't even necessarily give a good indication, as he might be scared around unfamiliar people and warm up to them later).

Some of my fosters like living with me, others hate it, because they don't like other cats.....they would love a new home I am sure....
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I'm afraid I don't have enough experience to advise you well.

I think in a loving, low-stress home he should adjust reasonably quickly.

How does he deal with being cat-sat?
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My longest foster was Sugartoes. I had her for 7 months, including one litter of kittens early on. I tried sending her to a new foster home at one point, and she refused to eat. She would only eat one spoonful of catfood at a time, off the spoon, held by the new fosterer. She came back to me within days.

I was a little concerned about her forever home. But the day she went to her new home, she spent the first few days in the master bedroom. The family kids slept in there, too. She never had a moments hesitation. She loved it immediately.

I think Tom still has a chance of being rehomed successfully. However, losing Sugartoes was very painful for me. Are you sure you will be able to give him up?!? Can you keep him, and have the agency continue to pay his medical bills. (I know you have spent a lot on your other adoptees!) With my agency, I'm sure they would agree to that.
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WEll, as we foster in homes, he hasn't met anyone yet - the first 2 people who were interested weren't suitable due to having male cats visiting - Tom wouldn't tolerate that. The third sounded perfect but never e-mailed back. I dont know what he would be like if someone did come round, he used to hide under teh bedcovers, but not found him doing that for a while, so he might be better now. Tom is happy here, but as he is a scavenger and on a diet, and the fact that he likes beating my neighbours cats up, I would prefer him to be rehomed. He has never been catsat - I haven't been away since getting him, I have slept out the odd night but my friend who he knows has just popped in to feed thm in the morning. That is my worry Becki - that and his stress related cystitis will flare up (I am not letting him travel too far for that reason), and he will be brought back for doing something like peeing up their curtains!! I am not 100% sure I Will be able to give him up, it has been a year, and it is a logn time. The rescue would be fine with that - esp as I am finally straight financially, so thinking of adopting Molly.
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If you do keep him, please let the rescue be financially responsible for his medical care! You are such a good person, but money only spreads so thin, and as you have posted, you have taken on the older kitties. It is not being selfish, it is being realistic.
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I know I should - was talkign to the rescue about Molly, and she really doesn't expect me to fully adopt her, she sees it that her being here is doing her a favour, and Molly has a better quality of life here than there, but I do feel that if I can afford to pay for things, then I should. I cover Tom's cystitis meds, as they are only £8 for 30 tabs, and he is on them every other day at the moment. I am changing vets to her vets, as I can get a 10% discount on all my cats, not just the fosters (and it is my cats that cost me, not the fosters!!), and a lot of the things I pay for are cheaper through them - I did get Molly insured, as I went for a quote, and it was so cheap, I had to buy it there and then!! So I have an 11, 13 and 14 year old insured for less than £30 a month. So i suppose if I can pay for her insurance and maybe the excess, biscuits and litter, then it isn't that much for the rescue if i can't afford food - but I am doing it on a months trial first. I dont think I could afford to feed 4 cats though, and Tom has an existing condition, so his cystitis wouldnt be covered by insurance - and it is his only issue.
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Iv not fostered a cat as yet,but i have fostered rabbits i have one foster rabbit at the moment.
I have 4 rabbits i adopted and my cat i adopted.Your doing a good job, id love to foster kittys but my kittys ill at the moment so dont think shed appreciate it
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I adopted two cats, (a year apart), that had been in their foster home for a long time. One several months and the other a year. They both have adapted to life in my home just fine.

I've been looking at kittens the past few days and found two at the same shelter I think I may adopt. I have so many adult cats now that I think slipping in a kitten or two would be the easiest.

I keep repeating, I must be out of my mind, I must be out of my mind, but I think I'm still going to go for those two kittens if they are still at the shelter.
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