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oh wow, My SiSi was a stray that jumped into my arms. She was a tortie and my best, beloved friend of 11 years. When I'd go jogging, she'd jog beside me, all the way down the block until I turned out of sight. Everybody on their porches and decks would point and laugh. She curled up beside my tummy every night and never missed a night. I would skip work if she wasn't feeling well, or had a "bad SiSi day". She was a champion huntress, and a champion friend. She was my everything.

Sasha, her son, after she died, took over where his mama left off. He lived until age 14, this past May. He was a stoic, reserved, quiet, strong cat who was by my side every day after she wasn't. He had his mama's blood, that's for sure.

I could never choose between them who was the better. That would be a hell I would never want.