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The movie delivers a lot of laughs and lives up to it's hype. It moves a lot faster than the first and some of the aliens are truly astonishing. It is amazing what they can do with computers and animatronics now. There was one lady in the theatre who laughed non-stop through the whole thing, and every time they played funky music she would boogie in her seat! Did I mention she was sitting right in front of me. Several people complained, but even at the early morning show, the show quickly sold out, so no one could even move. It is a definite movie to put on your list this summer.
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I'm glad that its getting good reviews. Hopefully I will have a chance to see it sometime this weekend. Has anyone seen Minority Report or The Bourne Identity yet? I saw both of them and they are both excellent!
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I saw Minority Report and enjoyed it much more that I thought I would. I definitely recommend it!

Hissy, how have you already seen MIB II!?! They have been pre-selling tickets here since last week!
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For those with little girls, I saw The Powerpuff Girls Movie. I'm a big fan. It was good, and at only a little over an hour it will keep the little ones' attention.
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I pre-ordered tickets over the Internet. We went to the 9:15 showing this morning. It was packed! The only advantage I can see to ordering tickets over the internet, is is does grant you a seat. The machine in the lobby where you wait in line is touch activated and you had to press the numbers really hard before they registered. The manager said that for first-rate movies like MIB II, Minority Report and the new one coming out for Star Trek called Nemises, he would recommend pre-ordering. Although the sign at the ticket window may say sold out, there will be seats available for the people who use this method.
We almost stayed to watch Windwalkers as well, but we had a lumber order to pick up so didn't have time. I will say for MIB II I got the biggest kick out of the alien city in Grand Central Station. It was also very patriotic in theme with lots of shots of New York.
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Ok, I must be doing too much eBay, because when I saw MIB as the subject of this thread, I thoughr "Mint in Box." Ugh!

I'd love to see this movie, but Hubs and I rarely get to see movies out as we don't get baby sitters very often. We'd love to see Minority Report though, and this one too. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Hissy!
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I really enjoyed MIB II! I agree with Hissy that the movie moves very fast -- I liked Frank, the dog. That part with the one alien was hilarious (the ball neck guy).
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From what I saw from the trailer, it doesn't look that appealing. Was it really alot better than the trailer??

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I love Tom Cruise and sci-fi (real scif-fi not little green men sci-fi) so I'm going to see that hopefully this weekend.

However - I thought MIB was ace, but might wait till MIB II comes out on video, as I suspect the theatre will be full of yelling kids (not my scene)!
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There were no screaming kids in the theater that we went to!

Haven't seen Minority Report yet, but want to... maybe tomorrow.
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I, for one, also love real sci-fi! Can't wait for the new Matrix movie!! Next summer!!!!!

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For me, I liked it, I enjoyed the laughs it delivers with the subtle humor. But I will say the plot was weak- because it was essentially the same type of plot as the first one.
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