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Shaving a cat?? lol

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Hi Everyone!
Recently we (my sister and parents and I) have been discussing having our cat Scamp shaved. I mentioned it to my aunt a few weeks ago, asking if she knew if you could do that, and she said she knew of someone down the road who gets their cat shaved for the summer except for his head, feet and tail, LOL!
So, I have a few questions :p First, is this a good thing to do? He seems like he gets hot a lot, because he goes and lays in the basement on the cool cement floor. He is very chubby and sheds a lot, so I think this would cool him down, but besides hearing of those neighbours, I haven't really heard of people doing this with cats.
Second, is it possible to get them like.. a 'buzz cut' that humans get? where its very very short all over (except head, paws, tail..) but not completely bald?
and last but not least, how long does the hair take to grow back? Because we don't want him to be cold for winter (although I can't imagine it would take that long, but you never know :p)

(ps. we have relatives who are groomers , so we would take him there, not do it ourselves )

anyone do this? thoughts, tips.. anything? :p

(Scamp - the goldish one :p)
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The only time you should shave a cat, and you should never do it yourself, but have a groomer do it, is when the cat's downy undercoat mats so bad there is no other choice. Otherwise, a cat needs his coat whether in hot weather or cold.
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oh, okay thank you! I didn't want to get it done before making sure it was safe for him Mom suggested maybe just getting him groomed really well by the groomers instead, I think he'd like that :p
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Our Severino's hair is over 4 inches long and he feels much better during the summer with it cut down a few inches and his belly shaved, those mats really hurt when they get them, and he hasn't had any since April he is so much happier!!!
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I've heard the "Lion Cut" on long-hair cats is actually really beneficial in the summer. Often, even with regular brushing small mats form, sometimes only tugging on a few hairs at a time (not big mats that are noticable). Long hair cats especially as they age will look rejuvinated after a cut because they can move around without any tugging. I don't really see the point with a shorthair cat though. I wouldn't do it for heat reasons.

Edit: Also the reason they leave the head, tail tip, and paws is because these are sensory areas on cats adn a cat can be lost without the signals this part of the fur offers them. So it looks funny but it has a reason.

Heres a picture of a cat with this cut:
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I'll move this to care and grooming for you
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Heres a picture of a cat with this cut:
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Magnum has a bad matting problem no matter how much he is brushed they still manage to form, I try cutting them out, but have come to the conclusion that a cut is a lot less painless for both of us and his fur grows in fairly quickly.

My groomer however will not shave a cat at the height of summer, particularly a long hair as their skin is not used to the sun and they can get sunburnt really easily (because we all know how cats love to sit in sunny windows).

My short haired ones don't go to the groomer at all, although Bumper went for a bath last year because he cried like a baby when I took Magnum out so I took him too, scully just gets a trim around his bum and legs etc to make it easier for him to clean down there (being a big cat he has problems) and Magnum gets a lion cut

Here is Magnum after his last one:
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Cats and dogs should NOT be shaved to "cool down". They sweat thru panting or their paws, so shaving will not help them. Many people are under the impression that it will keep them cooler.

The fur actually protects them from some of the heat - if shaved too close, they could get sunburned!

The "lion cut" is used sometimes on longhair cats (persians) because the owner doesn't want to deal with grooming every day to keep the mats/tangles out. For show persians, this is done in the summer when they drop coat anyway and the fur regrows nicely for fall/winter showing.
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