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kittens and fleas

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How old does a kitten have to be to give it a bath for fleas? My kittens have fleas not bad but i would like to get rid of them.
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Do not use flea baths on any cat, especially kittens.

If you mean just a regular bath, you can fill a loaf pan with soapy water, and then run the flea comb through their fur, and then dip the flea comb in the water, rinse and dry it, and repeat. (The soap keeps the fleas from escaping).

It is also super effective to treat the environment, wash every thing in hot water, vaccuum daily, etc.

Good luck!

Some flea meds (prescription) are safe to use on younger kittens, you could ask your vet about it!
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well what happened was the mommy got out before she had the babies andshe has had fleas becuz i didnt give her a bath while she was preggo but after she had them i gave her a bath but she keeps getting them back becuz the babies still have them she dont go out no more and i have already flea attacked the house so just need to get them off the babies.I heard someone tell me to use dawn dish soap but i want to make sure i am doing the right thing first. The babies will be 7 weeks this sunday.
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Please, please tell me you do not mean a flea bath???

If you mean just a regular bath, again, that will not kill all fleas but it will cut down on them. You can possibly get a prescription flea med from your vet that you can use on momma cat.

The problem with giving a bath to young kittens is that they can get cold so easily. I don't know if seven weeks is old enough to give them a bath or not.
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It's not really a bath i just call it a bath it is what you said sopay water and a flea comb. I did that with mom and i want to do it with kittens but wanted to make sure it was fine to do it first. I dont want o hurt or harm the kittens in anyways or make them sick they are like my own kids i love them to death.
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All you need to do is treat mom with meds from the vet .Then comb your kittens with a flea comb. Use the Dawn Dish Soap suiggestion and comb them all out. Buy a flea collar and put it in your vacuum then vacuum everywhere. Call the vet and ask about treating the kittens. But only use meds from the vet and never put the flea collar on the cat or kittens.
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