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OH, I just have to get on this thread!

My husband has to dip his cookies in something. If we are out of milk, he will dip them in tea or water! Because of his dippinghabits, my 3 year old won't eat cookies without something to dip them in.

He, along with the rest of our significant others, it appears, is a big baby. I can't stand to be around him when he's sick. He always has to be sicker than everyone else. If I am throwing up, he claims to have projectile vomited while diarrhea-ing. (Sorry so graphic!)

Luckily, he is not into ninjas or transformers or video games. He just plays his guitars.
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My SO's quirky thing is embarrasing me unintentionally in public....for example..

1) For his birthday I treated him to a massage at a health spa...he was too scared to go on his own (fearing that it was the 'wrong kind of massage') so I went with him. The masseuse tells him to go in the changing booth, strip and put a thong on. Five minutes later he walks out and I gasp in horror...he put the thong on back to front. Before I had a chance to tell him, the masseuse walked in and laughed and told him his mistake. He whispered to me angrily "I said I wanted to keep my boxers on..I don't know what these thong things are!".....how embarassing

2) He has a tendency to air guitar when a good song comes on...fine in the privacy of our house...but not so fine in public..especially when he does it all through a song.

Bless him! He empties the cat litter tray religiously without complaint so I let him off.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Kass, I don't think that the TP thing is just Rob...that's almost ALL men! Goodness knows that Earl may or may not actually know how to remove the empty roll from the roller, but he's never shown me that he knows!
My SO must not be a man then?? He complains that I don't change the TP roll... so not true!
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Originally Posted by clixpix

How did nobody else comment on this one?

Oh, tell me you got a picture of this!
Unfortunately, no.

Believe me, that's just the tip of the iceberg with my husband.

When I make brownies or cake, and I'm leaving them out to cool, he'll walk by with a fork in hand, stab the middle of it, pull out a large hunk, and walk around eating it like some kind of a flippin' viking feasting on the drumstick of a yak. It is quite Neanderthal to watch, really. No baked goods are safe in my home. I've really come to accept and laugh about this.

Oh, and he has quite a few wonderful tattoos...he has an elaborate backpiece, a full sleeve, and a smaller one on his lower back. I genuinely love his tattoos. Yet he still insists on taking a black Sharpie marker, and tattooing (drawing on) himself...most of the time, it's really hideous. Oh, my favorite is waking up, the covers pulled down around my knees, to find "Stu was here" on my thigh in big black permanent marker.

When he introduced me to his mother for the first time, he simply began to pat her on the head quickly, and say, "This is my Mammy-mam-ee-mam-ee-mam-ee-mam-ee." It was quite embarrassing, both for she and I.

When he's out walking our oldest dog, Ginger (who is now 16), he sings her a little song. And it goes something like this:

"Thank you for walking with me.
Thank you for talking with me.
Thank you for dancing with me.
Thank you for making me freeeeeeeeee." (The "freeeeeeeeeee" portion needs to be song in a high squeaky type voice...it will not be right if done otherwise.)

If I walk by the bathroom, and hubby is in the bathtub, he'll dive quickly under, throw his legs up in the air, point his toes, and do some ballet/synchronized swimming scissor-kick things for me. It is really something to behold, let me tell you.

And I could go on. The oddities with my hubby never ends.
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Priceless - he's worth keeping for the entertainment value alone!
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I love reading all the endearing and annoying things that make us love 'em.

My SO is still so much fun after all these years. He does silly things like giving me a lap dance at the bar on my birthday. He came on the bike, and still had his chaps and jacket on, so some of the women that did not know us thought someone hired a stripper for my b-day. It was so cute. I thought he would fall out when someone stuck a dollar in his chaps.
He tries to be so gruff, and grumpy, but you can see through him in just a few minutes. I noticed a small tattoo on one of my massage clients, and recognized the style immediately. I asked her about it, and she started telling me about this guy that gave her such hard time about where she wanted to put it. She said he wasn't mean, just very adamant. He refused to put it on her foot because it would look terrible in a few years, and not on her wrist because she had no other tattoos on her arms. They finally settled on her shoulder. She said later she was so glad he did that, because she was granted an interview with a law school the next week, and would have felt very nervous with a visible tattoo. She said she could tell he cared about how it would affect her life, and he had never even seen her before. I felt so proud.
But.......he still has no idea what the trash cans in the house are for, and the thought of throwing clothes into a hamper apparently disturbs him. He builds computers and can fix almost anything around the house, but cannot figure out how to use a washing machine. He lets his little Fluffy get away with murder, but come to think of it, he lets all the kitties walk all over him. Oh, well, I think I'll keep him.
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I forgot one other detail as well. He and the cats have "meetings" where he calls them his minions, and plans to take over our apartment complex in a wrath of furry fury.
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We gotta post pics of these guys now!
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This pic was originally posted in the furpics section. I don't think I have to say why.
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Here's Reggie... I forgot to mention that he likes to walk around flexing in front of mirrors and in front of me saying "What's up?"
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