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Help! Health question

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My kitten has a particular fleece banket where she sleeps. I have noticed that on the blanket there are little tiny things that look exactly like grains of rice but half the size. She has been to the vet regularly and I have always been told that she is healthy. After googling common parasites I can see that these are nothing like a parasite. They are not even alive. At first I thought that she was perhaps biting off her nails but thee are too many for it to be that.

I was hoping that someone could help me out before I run to the vet again.

Many thanks,

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What your seeing is tape worm segments. She needs your vet to give her a med to get rid of the tape worms.Dogs and cats can be infested with two types of tape worms. Fleas carry the most common type, and rodents carry the less common type. Pets become infected with tapeworms after ingesting either fleas or rodents. Tape worm segments are often visible on the surface of your pet?s stool. They usually appear as short (1/2-3/4?), flat, white particles, that when first passed are mobile; or they may be passed still connected in a long, flat string. Dry segments may stick to your pet?s hair, and look similar to a grain of rice.
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Thanks, I have already got the de-worming medicine an actually gave it to her today- the vet told me that there is no harm in deworming even if there are no worms. How come these segments are hard? Are they dangerous to humans?
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They're hard because they died and dried out. They're not harmful to humans, as is; tapeworm larvae needs to live inside a flea before it becomes transmissible to animals. But I'd suggest washing the bedding anyway.
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Did your vet tell you specifically that this wormer would work on tapeworm? Because the commonly given ones, like Strongid, are for roundworms.

Also, why did you have some left?
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Did your vet tell you specifically that this wormer would work on tapeworm? Because the commonly given ones, like Strongid, are for roundworms.

Also, why did you have some left?
I agree with Zissou's Mom, you need to make sure you gave the correct wormer for tapeworm, and make sure you give all of the dosage for the kittens weight. Some parasites, will need a second round of wormer to be completely rid of. If you bring a stool sample to your vet, they can prescribe the correct wormer, and you can make sure you are treating all the parasites at once.
My vet does not recommend OTC wormers.
I wish you well.
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It is actually a pet store brand that he said I could use as a dewormer. I am new to this whole having a cat thing so I am still learning about the various things I need to do to keep her healthy. I will call him tomorrow morning and get her in for a checkup. I am not overly crazy about this particular vet... he is gentle enough with her but when I go to him with new concerns that I have, he seems to kind of brush me off as being paranoid. For example, she had a bad cold for some time and he was really of no help. I have been looking around for new vets I just don't want to keep switching so I want a good one.
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I very strongly agree with you that you need a new vet. In general, OTC dewormers may be dangerous. For future reference, OTC flea meds can be deadly, and it's a good idea to avoid any kind of meds, especially pesticide control, that you don't get from a vet you trust.

Did he say you could use it for tapeworm on this kitten, knowing her weight and age?
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He actually didn't specify the types of worms that I could use it for. He said that I could use it as a precaution for worms. After just looking at the package it does not say anything about tapeworms- Just roundworms. I will for sure pick up the stool sample kit tomorrow and get this properly dealt with. I don't want my little princess to have any type of discomfort.
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Be careful with using otc deworming medication. All dewormers are poison (litterally, it's how they kill the parasites) so be very careful in what you give your cat (especially when it's not bought from your vet).
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Tapeworm medicine for my dog was definitely different from her general wormer from the vet, and has to be repeated at least once (directions for my dog said 2nd pill in 3 wks) to get rid of all the worms. It took 2 rounds (4 pills) to totally get rid of them. I'd go ahead and try a different vet. Sticking with one you don't trust is worse than shopping around for one you like . (Am currently "shopping" myself for my dog with a heart condition- my favorite vet left, and the other one I like isn't always available, so I will stay with the cats for now (all healthy), but the dog will need a new one- of course the one I am trying first is 30 min. away ).
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