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I tell my husband that I love the cats at least as many times as I tell him that I love him during the day! He is the only one around to listen!
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I work in an office full of cat people so we tell each other how much we love our cats all the time!
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Kitty isnt the most affectionate and loving of cats but every now and then when she thinks i am sleeping she will lay down on my pillow and i'll wake up and just stare at her in awe of how pretty she is and how much i love her.

Buddha is very affectionate so he loves to crawl up in my lap and nap with me. He is still just a baby now but i have a feeling it is only the begining of a beautiful friendship that will last for years to come. y'all got me teary now!
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aww, these stories are just so cute. i'm holdin stoli in one arm as i type with the other. i love it when he stretches, yawns, and head butts me.

and yes, i miss my cat when i'm at work, TOO much.
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Originally Posted by Renovia
does this happen with children too??? I mean it doesn't matter how mad i am at Stoli, he'll start sleeping on my lap and i just fill up with love that i can't stand it!!!
Honestly? I never quite felt the same "wave" of love that washes over me when I look at my baby kitty now vs. when my daughter was little.

I think for me the difference comes from the fact that I'm in a different place in my life, older, wiser, more patient, and more than that, Ginger is WAAAAY easier to care for than my daughter was. My daughter was Miss Monster Child, bless her dear heart, but she was very, very difficult as an infant, and I was always stressed out with the responsibility of caring for her.

It isn't at all that I love my cat more than I love my daughter, it's just a very different kind of love.
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that's good to know
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I love my kitties so much it is scary! I do not know how I could live without them.
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I am reading this post and looking over at Tavia who is curled up in a ball sleeping in a corner beside her log. And I think about how much I love that little girl. And I just couldn't imagine being without her or my little dog Lilly.
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Why can't they just live longer like a turtle or something this really stinks!!!
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Originally Posted by jugen
Of course. I love all my cats and am thankful that they are a part of my life.
They make me smile after I have a horrible day and I know at night, no matter how many times they wake me up, I still smile each time even knowing that I'll be dead tired in the morning. I adore my cats. They are spoiled to the max! LOL!

I could have written that myself Barb!
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I know the feeling... I love LuckyGirl so much I could just cry sometimes, and I could still cry just thinking about her being out in the wild alone and scared... and I tell her maybe 20 times a day (ok more on the weekends ) that I love her, and that she is a gift from God. And then I wonder does she understand me? I know she understands alot... but does she know what I love you means... if she doesn't then she's probably wondering "what in the heck is that meomy blubbering about now???"

I think every little thing she does is amazing and brilliant, and she just makes my heart over flow with joy!
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Awww!!! This is a real sweet thread. We are all just suckers for these little furbabies. I do love my Speedboat and Muffin. I am glad my hubby loves them just like I do. Even though he is allergic to them, he loves them. They are like members of our family. We are committed to them. We intend to provide them with a good loving home for as long as we can. My Max cat, though passed on to Rainbow Bridge is still loved and missed. Thoughts of him still make me cry sometimes. I am glad he was my cat because he was so special.
I so enjoy reading your comments about your cats. Anyone who says, they are just a cat is so wrong. They are far more than just cats in our lives, right.
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I had the strangest encounter this girl once told me that cats couldn't love people back. And to that I can only say when your kitty nuzzles next to you and purs at you and comes to check on you during the night you know what true love is. But this same girl said cats and dogs didn't have the mental ability to be able to be jealous of one another and to that I can only say meet my Lilly she is a jealous pot. And my dad's chi-rat mix Tiny she is the most jealous dog ever. And my Tavia I think she knows she is the princess around here and she thinks the lower beings are too far beneath her to be jealous of.
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Sometimes I will look at my kitties and I just can not believe how much I love them! Even if I have a crappy day at work and I come home my boys are there to greet me and make me smile. I look at them and think they are the most wonderful creatures because they love you no matter what and are the best company!

My friends think I am the crazy cat lady and laugh at me because they are just not cat people.

Whether I am playing or sleeping with my baby's I do not know what I would do without them if I had to come home to an empty apartment.

i woke this morning to one cat on my pillow and the other one on my side and it was a great morning!!
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I think how much I love my kitties become SOOOOO clear to me when I came home one day to find Rambo horribly ill. I called the vet at 1 in the morning sobbing, and I could have cared less how much it cost to make him better!! I could have hugged the vet when she was so kind and understanding. Rambo was hospitalized for 2 days and when I would go in and visit he would perk up as soon as he heard my voice and even with his IV in and bandaged leg he would come as close as possible and put his head on my arm and sigh..I think he felt better just knowing I was there. ( this is making me tear up just remembering it!).

Now I want to go home and cuddle my babies!!!!!
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I'm often heard saying to one or another of the girls, "I know you know you are loved...have you ANY idea how MUCH?" and it always makes me teary.

Another one...this requires having the cat in my arms, so it's most often Cindy who is the object of this attention..."OOOOOOOO I want to eat you all up...but that wouldn't be a good idea, would it? 'cuz then I wouldn't have you to love anymore, would I?"

Can't talk (write) about it much -- getting teary again.
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i pretend to munch on Stoli all the time. He's like, 'meowmy, would you Puhleeeeze stop.'
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More than you would ever know.... I love Sash more than life itself, he makes me smile everyday and brings such joy to my life. He's told many, many times a day how much I love him when I hug and kiss my sweet precious boy. He's my world, my soul mate, my child....what more can I say?
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