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My Kittys

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Hi, it's me again. I was asked to tell a little more about my cats, so here it goes. Gizzy, the oldest is very stand-offish. She only likes to cuddle with me, at her own choosing. Sometimes she sits and cuddles up to me with her paws around my nedk sitting at the kitchen table, other times she won't even let me pet her. Funny tho, she is always in the same room as I am even tho I am "not allowed" to touch her. She tries to sneak out the door and loves to go outside,but we don't want her out for obvious reasons.
Chewy, the "baby" is very affectionate. She sits up like a ground hog more than she sits like a cat. She used to play fetch, but gave that up now. She was the runt of the litter & the mother wouldn't take care of her. She got lost 1 time & almost died. My sister found her, nursed her back, & intended to keep her outside in the cold winter up her.The first time I saw her, she captured my heart, she follow me to my car meowing, & I just couldn't leave her out in the cold. The rest is history. She won't have anything to do with the outside now, " Been there, done that"!! Bye, Anna
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Your kitties sound just wonderful. They all have such striking purrsonalities, and yours sound no different. Keeps us on our toes.

Chewy sounds like a pretty smart little girl! One of our other members' kittys got out and was hit by a car. Gypsy was OK, thank goodness, just minor bruising on her back leg. But even after going through all that, not two days later Gypsy was trying to make the great escape.
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So you have 2 cats? How long have you had them? Gizzy just got off my lap, what a treat. Chewy also loves to be held & craddled like a baby, she falls asleep like that & purrs, purrs, & purrs. I would like to post some pictures of them, any idea how I go about doing that? Have a fun & safe 4th. Anna
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Thats my Gypsy alright!! Maybe she should have a little heart to heart with Chewy regarding the dangers of escaping outside

You're kitties sound wonderful, Anna Welcome to the site :rainbow:
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm having fun communicating with everyone. Do you just have the one cat? Does she still try to sneak out? Hope you had a fun, safe 4th. Anna
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Hi Anna and welcome to The Cat Site!

I noticed your question about posting pics of your kitties. In The Cat Lounge, there is a thread named something like "Your Computer Questions Answered". It's a sticky at the top of the forum. If I remember correctly, there were instructions there on how to post pictures. If not, you can post your question there and one of the helpful people here will help you! I wish I could, but I'm still in the dark ages when it comes to photography!

Happy 4th!
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Opened a can of worms with those questions! Ask any of us about our kitties and we may never shut up.

Yup, I have two kitties. We've been owned by them for almost three years. I don't know what we even did BC (before cats). Got them both as kittens. We rescued Ophelia from being trapped in between the walls of our apartment building at about 5-6 weeks old. Then we thought she got out again, so we brought Trent home, only to find that Ophelia just found a really good hiding spot.

Trent is my big black boy, total lap slut, very affectionate. He is a kitten in a big cat body. He just loves to play. Usually he's Mommy's Boy, but goes through anti-mommy phases every once in a while.

Ophelia is a petite black and white girl. She is very shy, but has her moments of wanting loves. She is definitely Daddy's Girl.
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