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i had one of my cats neutered today, and when i let him out of his carrier at home i noticed there was litter or small stones stuck on his wound, hes tried to lick them off but theyre really stuck on there, any advice on how to help him out? thanks
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I'd just leave it alone. Could it be dried blood that you see? If it's some sort of debris, it'll eventually fall off. You don't want to be screwing around with trying to clean an incision at home. If you're worried about it, please call your vet.
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Call your vet first thing in the morning to figure out what's up and what to do.

If you're certain it's litter, and only if it is bothering him, enough that you can't wait to talk to your vet, you can try to clean them off - gently! - with a little warm saline solution.
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