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I am so worried!

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I am freaking out! My sister was born with a rare disorder there is only like 20 in the world. I will explain later! She wasnt supose to live past one well she is now 20!!!! My parents just rushed her to the hospital she was sick but now she is throwing up blood. I am so scared and worried! Just please pray for her and send MAJOR vibes. I am headed to the hospital now
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Definately sending prayers and vibes. I hope everything is okay!
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You are all in my prayers.
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May God and his Angels protect her!!!
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Prayers for your sister, you and the rest of your family...
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My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Well my mom said dont go to the hospital just sit and wait. I know its something like Pneumonia. She has been on a nebulizer treatments to clear her lungs for the past few days. I try not to panic but it is so hard since she is my sister and best friend! So until I get a call saying whats up I will sit here and worry and try to distract myself with this board! So for starters my baby male kitties got Neutered today. I am also worried about their recovery! Not to mention I am now 16 days late and I forgot to buy the test today with all that is going on! AHHHH don'tcha love stress LOL
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You poor dear, I know this must seem unbearable. Try to get some sleep, you may need it, don't stay up all night - the phone rings when you're asleep just as well as when you're awake.

Anyway, your kitties are probably looking for you to cuddle with!
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OMG, my prayers are with you and your family.
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You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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you poor thing! You and your family and your furbabies are in my prayers.
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Thoughts and prayers to your family and healing vibes to your sis!
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I know what u are going through having myself lost3 brothers 2 from muscular dystrophy. They were not sopposed to make it past 2 years old. They died at 18 and 23. If u ever need anyone to talk to im here. It is hard wondering whats next. We are all praying for u and your family. Hugssssss
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Thanks for everyones comments and prayers. My sister is ok. They sent her home at 3am (9 hours later) They gave her a steroid shot and some steriod pills to take at home and just said the meds she was on before for her cold were not good enough and they themselves were causing more problems! So now I am sitting here while my kids are sleeping trying to decide if I should start cleaning or should I sleep more lol
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Just sleep. It's been a long hard day and night.
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