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Hello from S. California

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Hello, my name is Kim, and I just joined a few days ago. I found this site while searching the internet for advice/info on pregnancy and labor (and what to expect). This is such a cool site to meet other people who love cats, and who are very knowledgeble about so many differnt issues with felines. Here is my story:

I am a Stay at Home Mom, with two little boys ages 5.5 and 4. I have 5 cats (well if we keep the kitten it will be 6). My oldest cat, Niko is a Maine Coon Cat..he's 10 years old, then there is CJ who is a Black and White Tuxedo Cat and he's 9, next is Little Girl who will be 7 on Sept 18th (I found her abandoned only 2 hours after she was born, her mom left her and I adopted and reared her..she is the sweetest cat ever!!.Then there's our 3 year old Lilac BiColor Ragdoll, Shasta...he is HUGE, but he kind of lacks in the mental power dept.., and finally, the cat that showed up at our house in March, is a young Pastel Tortie. The kitten she had recently is a black and orange Tortie. There you have it...I can honestly say that I have my hands full between my children and furry friends.
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Hi Kim welcome to TCS!
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Welcome Kim!
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Sounds like a house full!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Helloooo Neighbor, I am also from beautiful Southern California....
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Hi guys. A friend referred me to this site, so I looked around and figured I'd be at home with those folks who don't think it's insane to own six cats.

I live in NY, married, two adult kids (21 & 23), and I have to admit, it's the 23 year old daughter who keeps luring the furballs into the house...

Right now, we have Milo (male, grey tiger, 9 yrs.), Baby (male, black, 9 yrs. & 28 lbs of meow), Chloe (female, calico, tiny at 3 yrs.), Max (male, orange tiger, 2-3 yrs, currently AWOL for 5 days), Buddy (male, bl/wht, 3 years), and last but not least, Sam (male, age unknown but not old, and he appears to be a Maine Coon...beautiful animal).

So, I'm ready to start looking around. BTW, just wanted to say that I read the "Declaw" link that was posted, and while my daughter had told me that declawing was not a positive thing for a cat - beyond the recuperation, of course - I have never read it described like that. It made a huge impression on me.

See you prowling around the forums,
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I have five, too! If you have any questions, please click on my user name and send me a message. I will be more than happy to try to help!
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Hi, Kim
Welcome to TCS!
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Hi Kim! Welcome to TCS! You'll find lots of information about preggercats and kitten care here!
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