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Urgent Question

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Hi all

Tomorrow my baby Gizmo < 4 months old > is to be nutered. well he just woke up from his nap and his left eye is all pink and slightly gunky. i tried to call the shelter that I am fostering him from and the lady isnt in, I tried to call the vet where he is to be nutered tomorrow and they are closed as well.

Will they still nutered him if he has pink eye? what do I do? He is suppose to be there at 7am.

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Use a warm washcloth and hold it over his eye. Do this a few times before tomorrow. Call the vet he is going to be fixed at and ask what they think. They will probably have you bring him in and see first. But I would give them a heads up about it.
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i tired to call the vet... they are closed.I have to be there at 7am when they open.

I have already cleaned it with warm cotton balls, as I was told never use ANYTHING on or near a cats eye except cotton balls or cotton swabs < like make up removing pads >
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Well the vet called me back and cancled the nueter for tomorrow, and said to call in the morning and make an appointment to have his eye looked at < its gunky and pink, and swollen >

The vet told me they were pretty booked so kitty may not even get to see him til Sat or Monday
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its probably for the best if he isnt feeling too well.

I will merge this with your other thread so that everyone knows
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We got ointment for the eye, the dr. couldnt find any scratch , just discharge and swelling, said other eye was fine, so probably not viral.

He reschedule the neuter for Thursday morning, and told me how much he loves my cats and how well behaved they are !!!!

tis a good day... although Gizmo isnt to happy with the ointment.
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