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Is he sick??

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For the past week we have let my 3 month old kitten have free range of the house while we are at home. This morning I left to go to the store and came back to find there was a "line" of diarrhea looking mess and a bunch of patches of stuff that looked like vomit under the table....it was light colored and looked like it had little chunks of food in it (sorry for the description, lol). He has been acting 100% normal except that he didn't eat his canned food this morning. Should this warrant a trip to the vet or should I wait it out and see if it stops??
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call the VET ... and ensure kitty stays hydrated... do you know how to check for hydration??
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I checked to make sure he was hydrated and he is...I gave him an eye-dropper full of water just in case. I called the vet and they just told me to keep an eye on him and see if he's ok tonight. They also told me to keep him in one room of the house until he gets back to normal. Hopefully he will get better....

I know dogs can have random, unexplained spells of diarrhea and random vomiting, but is that the same for cats?
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Can yes .. but they shouldnt as cats are less likely to put thing s in there mouths that dont belong
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I would take him to the vet today.
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So I just got back from the vet. He felt around and said that there wasn't a blockage and that he was very hydrated. Couldn't get a fecal b/c there wasn't anything inside of him. The vet said that he thinks he just ate something that upset his stomach, so he gave me some canned i/d to give him for a few days to see if it gets better. He is drinking and peeing just fine, but he is still lethargic and won't eat the canned food The vet said if it doesn't get better or he doesn't eat by tommorow to bring him back and they will do blood work, etc....I just feel so bad b/c he is obviously sick
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I hope he gets better quickly, without a second vet trip.

If he doesn't improve by morning, take him back.

If he disimproves, take him to an ER vet tonight.
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What would you consider a worsening condition that would require ab ER visit? Like if he throws up more or....?
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If he stops drinking water, if he starts throwing up again, if the legathary seems to increase. If you think he's worsening, he probably is.

How long is it since he's eaten? If it's been a whole day, I would at least ring an ER vet.
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He wouldn't eat his canned food this morning, but he ate some of the dogs canned....but he hasn't eaten since then. I just ran to the grocery store to get some baby food to see if he'll eat that....cross your fingers!
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Well he just ate a few "licks" of baby food, but that was it....hopefully he will get more of an appetite
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You know to make sure there is no onion or garlic in the baby food right?
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Yeah...it's just chicken baby food (ground chicken, water and corn starch)
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I wouldn't blame the cat for not eating ID :| That stuff breaks plastic utensils (at least the dog version does).
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Originally Posted by jlphilli
Yeah...it's just chicken baby food (ground chicken, water and corn starch)
Just keep offering it to him, and keep an eye on him.

ETA: my vet sometimes, if a kitty is not eating just opens their mouth wide and pops some in like a pill (with her finger of course). It has sorted out at least two kitties I know who didn't thinkt they were hungry, but then realised they actually were.
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I've seen the dog I/D and the cat one is definately "more appetizing" if possible, lol.

I tried putting some of the baby food in his mouth after he stopped eating it and he just looks at it...almost like he's thinking about it, btu doesn't really want to.....
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Try again in a while. If he keeps it down, that's more important than how it got there.

Can you get ahold of Hills a/d?
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Yes, I can get some a/d. I am going to get some dry I/D tommorow (even though I'm not an SD fan) just to have out in case he gets the munchies, so when (and hopefully if) he eats, it won't upset him. I will get some canned a/d while I am there. Grr this is so stressful! I hate not knowing what's wrong!

btw--he hasn't thrown up since before we took him to the vet, so I guess that's progress
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a/d might do the trick.
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We have a rescue cat in that refused to eat (and she was still nursing her 3 kittens) probably because of the stress. A little over a day of forcefeeding nutrical and allowing her to drink some cat milk (bought at petsmart, forget the brand) and she started eating again.
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Well, I spoke too soon....he just threw up the little bit of baby food I got him to eat
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Ring an ER vet for advice, make sure to describe the situation and previous vet advice.

Be prepared to bring him in if necessary.
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I called them and they said it was up to me what I wanted to do. They said I can bring him in now and they can do BW & an xray, etc etc, but they said since he is drinking and moving around, I might as well wait til the morning, try feeding him again and taking him to his reg. vet if necessary....
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It's sounding like that baby has ingested something he shouldn't have.
I hope he gets everything righted real soon.
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Thanks, I hope he does too. So far he slept for awhile, and got up and ate some of his dry food (a few bites) and is now back asleep....I'm hoping he can keep it down. If he's not throwing up tommorow and eating a little (in which case I won't take him back to the vet) do you guys think I should get some dry I/D and keep him on that for awhile? (I know sd isn't great, but just to be safe)
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I'd be a little worried by now. Did you have a good look around the house to see what he could have possibly licked, chewed, or ate? Do you have any live houseplants at all? As much as it sucks to find out you wated your money on tests to show your cat is fine, it really hurts to find out you didn't do something in time. I lost a cat on July 2nd after he managed to sneak a lilly flower from the table and eat it a couple days earlier. Neither my g/f and I thought anything of it at the time and we had to put him down due to complete kidney failure. We felt terrible because we checked every houseplant for toxins before we got them but this was just a flower she had picked for her hair and set on the table.

I'm not trying to frighten you as I'm sure your cat is fine. I would be requesting some bloodwork though as it's not that expensive and will usually show any serious issues. An X-ray will only show a blockage and that doesn't really sound like the problem and the vet seems to agree.
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ask your vet or local pet store about vitamin gel.
i use a brand called nutrigel and a few cm's is enough to keep them going through a rough patch like this. It is also very quick and easy to administer.

you have not tried chopped liver? you may want to try some boiled chopped liver and a bit of butter. that should do the trick. kittens are very fond of liver.

it's important to coax them to eat even if just a few mouthfuls at a time.

with one kitten that i recently nursed back from the brink of death i used chopped/bolied liver, an egg yolk and some chicken nd boiled all of that and then pureed it in a blender... it has to be about the consistency of toothpaste...

then i used a plastic syringe with the end chopped off to feed the kitten. that was very very useful.

you may have to dab a bit of butter onto the end of it.

you should try to get them to eat a few mouthfuls every hour or so...

it's good that you are taking kitten to the vet
there are a lot of people who will just leave thm to see what happens and with an adult cat sometimes this is ok but with kittens they can suddenly go down hill very quickly.

good luck and i hope everything turns out ok.

also as suggested make sure your vet knows what house plants you have.... and if you have any of thse little fertiliser pellets you should inform your vet of that too.
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I will ask the vet about the vitamin gel today...it looks like he's going to have to go back to the vet. Last night he ate a little bit of dry food and this morning he drank, and then threw it all up again. He is still drinking ALOT, which I guess is a good thing. We don't have any house-plants around, so I know it wasn't fertilizer...*sigh*. I am going to try and give him some more I/D canned this morning and see if he can keep it down....if not, back to the vet. I may try the chopped liver if he can keep down the canned food.
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it's odd that your vet has not prescribed anything by now....

i don't know what it is but it sounds like it should warrant some medication...

some vets are real quick to put a kitten onto the drip when they haven't eaten... others not so much.

something else to have on stand by os some chicken broth... you'd be better off making it yourself from a skinned chicken. steam the chicken and substitute the broth for water.... since kitten is drinking this paired with the vitamin gel might be a good tie over...

actually something you can do right away is turn your water into pedialyte.
* Pedialyte formula (from World Health Organization)...no preservatives so short life-span
* 1 cup water
* 2 tsp sugar
* 1/8 tsp salt
* 1/8 tsp baking soda
* (this Pedialyte formula gives needed electrolytes & some sugar for energy)

i'm trying to think of some other alternatives....

there's another message board at cathelp-online.com where the members will give you some really good vet quality advice and even make some suggestions about what other questions you can ask your vet.

i am also a member there...

i would be very very hesitant to recommend that you try kitten-glop bcause sometimes that makes the vomiting worse.... just try the pedialyte and you can add the chicken broth to that.

if you get the vitamin gel that'd be great beacuse it has everything your kitten needs.
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Ok, so this morning everytime he took a drink of water, he threw it up less than a minute later. I took him to his regular vet and they need to do Xrays (obstruction), BW, etc etc, and so now I'm having to take him to a different vet at 11am that allows payment plans because I am out of money until next Friday *gah!* I will keep you updated....keep your fingers crossed!

I'm not going to try and feed him anything b/c he obviously can't keep it down, and I don't want to upset anything further.
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