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"breast" bumps

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My kitten Tilly has recently developed little lumps/swellings on her nipples as though she's growing breasts. At first I only felt one and freaked out thinking she had a tumour but she has them all along her stomach.
Is this normal?
I can't remember my last cat having them before she was neutered, and certainly not afterwards, but that was over 10 years ago.
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Hmmm - you did say she is not spayed yet so could she possibly be pregnant? I am asking because mammary glands begin to enlarge when females are pregnant.

I would have her checked by your Vet just to be safe..
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She's only 4 months old, and the swelling nipples usually appears after 3weeks. Neither her nor my male cat have changed at all since we got then- no signs of heat etc. Plus I thought male cats matured later than the females and they are the same age. I'm not questioning you, just wondering how likely it is given their ages and all. I will call the vet tomorrow though.
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Typically cats do not get pregnant until around 6 months. However some animals can get their first heat around 4 months and since you did not mention your kittens age it was an option that needed consideration.

The best thing to do is have her checked to make sure it is nothing serious.

Please let us know how it turned out...
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Sure, sorry for not mentioning it before.
My vet won't s/n before 5 months, and she's otherwise fantastic (took my male home with her for the night when he was a bit poorly), so I'm reluctant to change.
Is this ok? or should I look around for a one off s/n a bit earlier? I don't think earlier s/n is as accepted in the UK as it is in America so it'll be difficult to find anywhere, but I'll give it a go.
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Ok, so if I am correct you are saying you have an unneutered male and an unspayed female kitten that are approx 4 months of age.

To be honest that would not be within my confort zone anymore since they are on the border where at any time one or both could become sexually mature.

What I would do is:

- First and formost have your girl checked to make sure she is ok
- Try and have at least one of the two spayed / neutered ASAP and if that is not possible talk to your Vet to see what your options are.

that way you are assured not to have a surprise (ie. your babies having babies) - reality is you can't watch them 24 hrs. a day and we have no control over when mother nature decides to kick in.

Please let us know how things go for you !!

AND pictures of your babies would be great too!!!
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Funnily enough, I'm fairly certain she went into heat today. I panic called the vet who agreed to s/n on monday since she's an early developer. Fortunatly he's completely clueless about what to do and after attempting to bite her nether regions a few times she got annoyed with him, gave him a few warning bites and he stayed clear of her till she calmed down. They're currently asleep on top of the table and I and my parents will keep an eye on them until monday. We can't separate them though as she is utterly frantic without him and makes a noise worse than a cat in heat (she's half bengal and a right little madam), and by monday it won't matter anyway.
She'll be checked over before the s/n to make sure she's healthy which will take care of the bumps problem.

Thankyou for all the help
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Oh oh oh - they are just soooooo sweet !!!!

I soooooooo wish I could get another kitten but alas my Loki is too jealous and will not share his home or Meowme with anyone!!!

Please let us know how the spay goes on Monday - wishing you and your babies all the best!!
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Well they're back from the vets, safe and sound. I was right about her being on heat- so thank goodness I made that appointment! Tilly currently avoids us and I can't really blame her at the moment, although Archie loves us almost as much as usual
Our vet said they'd be sleepy and dopey when we brought them back- as soon as we got in they wolfed down a tin of kitten gloop and they've been prowling round ever since. We took away their toys because we didn't want them to get too playful and worked up and rip out their stitches, so they're quite bored. But not running around leaping on things and damaging themselves
My dad is extremely amused by Tilly's stomach because with all her fur shaved off she now has spotty skin!
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I am glad that everyone is back safe and sound and don't worry about Tilly she'll be back to normal in no time.

So, I am assuming the little bumps turned out to be nothing...

Anyway give your babies - plenty of huggs and kiss for me and we expect to see many many pictures !!
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It turns out the bumps were a sign of being on heat- unusual but possible and they seem to have gone away now.
Pictures will be posted in furbabies as soon as they like me enough to pose for the camera again
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Ok - just glad she is well and we'll all be looking forward to seeing pics of your babies!!!!
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