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Those of you who have microchipped your cat, what company did you use and how much did it cost?

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Prego and Polly have avid chips, but I'm not sure how much they cost, because the chips came with them when I adopted them.
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We have indextel (bear in mind I live in Ireland!) and it cost 50euro each, but frankly that was a fraction of what I expected, so it seemed very reasonable, especially if my babies get lost.

It's a good idea to go with who ever is popular in your area, and to register you details with another company if necessary if you move.

ETA: tip - photocopy the details you send to the company so that you can easily check if you need to update those details (phone number, address, etc.)
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Oliver has an avid chip... I think it was about $50 and then something like $10 or $15 (one-time) to register the chip information with the company... I feel less worried knowing he's chipped, even though he's inside only and has an embroidered collar and ID tag... it's an overall good idea
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My Oliver is chipped too because he won't wear a collar. He's an inside cat, but tries to escape once in awhile. The price was similar to BuzbyJLC10.

I didn't chip Tripod because he wants nothing to do with the outside world.
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well i got a AKC companion animal recovery brochure from the vet. money isn't a problem i just figured there were other companies out there and wanted to know what other people have done.

on another kind of topic: what do people have on their pet id tags if your cat wears one? I've heard of everything from names and addresses to 'reward for return' and vet numbers.
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My pets I.D tag has my pets name and my phone number below it, on the backside it has my address.
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On the front is Oliver's name, I think my name, my number and email address (since I'm a college student and will be moving a lot) and on the back it says "I am FIV+ keep me away from other kitties; I CANNOT HARM HUMANS"... his collar is also embroidered with his name and my number
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Jake and Jaz have their micro chip tag and their id tag with name and telephone number on.

Izzy doesn't wear a collar as she is sensitive to them. It rubs all the fur off down to her skin.
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his collar is also embroidered with his name and my number
Thats a good idea, did you do it yourself ?
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there are online tag places that will do it
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Originally Posted by VampireCat
Thats a good idea, did you do it yourself ?
No, I ordered my collar through
She makes them herself and they're amazing... they're cotton, so they dont shred when your kitty scratches his neck and they have a strong webbing interior... she's got a million different fabrics and will even find custom fabric (she did for me!) and there's the option to have it embroidered (up to 20 characters)... Oliver's collar is royal blue with white stitching

Oh, also, Oliver wears his microchip tag with his ID tag and bell... apparently State College doesnt require cats to wear their rabies tag, the owner just has to be able to provide documentation
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I chip all my guys - fosters and my own cats, even though I do not allow them outside. If there was a fire, or if they somehow got out, or if someone robbed me and let them out, I want them to have the best chance of being found. Also even though we screen adopters as best we can and they have to sign a contract stating they will not allow the cats outside - you just never know what will happen.

I use my local city subsized spay/neuter clinic and get them chipped when they get spayed/neutered. My older cats I brought in and just had them chipped, but it is nicer for them to be chipped when they are under anasthesia as it is a BIG needle.

The chip Emancipet (local spay/neuter clinic) uses is 24PetWatch. It is $10 for the chip and $8.75 to register it.
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my vet charges 40 something for the chip and procedure. i don't mind, but i wish i had had the money when stoli got neutered. i don't want him to freak when he has it done.
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Originally Posted by Renovia
my vet charges 40 something for the chip and procedure. i don't mind, but i wish i had had the money when stoli got neutered. i don't want him to freak when he has it done.
He shouldnt freak out too much... it is a pretty big needle - the chip is about the size of a grain of rice... but it gets put in their scruff and scruff skin is pretty tough and meant for handling some roughness (hey, your neck skin would be tough too if your mom carried you around in her mouth by it!) When Oliver got chipped, the tech was more nervous about it than me or Oliver (my mom couldnt look though cuz she doesnt really do needles or anything, haha)... she'd only done a few chips before and always thought it hurt the cats so badly - Oliver didn't make a peep or squirm an inch! The tech was so happy and even said he made her more confident about administering chips (Which is good cuz cats can sense nervousness)... there was no bleeding or anything so the needle's not that big.... you should just stay calm when it's being done so your kitty doesnt stress because of your nervousness... it's definitely worth the money though
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Wonton is chipped with Home Again. i dont remember how much it was, no more than 30 dollars i don't think.
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i think the vet's chips are american kennel club companion animal recovery
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Most of mine are chipped with Avid chips. I haven't had the last two done yet because money has been pretty tight. It cost $25 to get the chip and I think I paid another $80 to register them all with the company.
They have a multiple pet thing where you can register up to 8 cats for $40 and I did 11 at one time.
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The dog has an Avid chip, the cats have AKC Companion Animal Recovery chips.
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