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Himalayan Fur Babies

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A couple weeks ago I posted about my precious Izzy being pregnant. The members were so kind in assisting my with my concerns.

Well... Izzy had her litter (5), but we lost two a couple days later as she had a hard labor. My vet assisted her in extracting the last two via C-section. We did all we could but they did not survive.

"Izzy" is a Seal point and father Romeo is a handsome Blue point. Anyway, I can't seem to tell how the babies will turn out. The all look like Blue points from this untrained eye..lol

Anyway, here are some pics of my 2 week old babies.

I can't quite tell what sex they are, so now names have been at this point.

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Oh my what beautiful kitties you have.
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Oh such beautiful babies and Mom is gorgeous tooo!!! Wow look how big and healthy they are - no wonder she had such a hard labor......
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Izzy is such a good mother and is doing very well.

I am amazed how big the babies are getting.

I'll post their 3-4 week pictures in a few weeks.
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AAACK!!! You forgot a warning... those babies are super cute!

I love your momma's face... it's perfectly moderate in shape... I can't wait to watch these grow up!!!
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Their soooooo adoreable.
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With points the babies are usually born all white and then develop color as they get older. The protein that makes the color doesn't work right at high temperatures so that's why you only get color at the cool points in the body (face, ears, tail, legs, etc) and why the cat usually gets darker as it gets older. Babies, being in mommy's warm tummy, are thus born all white! And what cuuuuuute babies they are!
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Oh my, they are absolutely adorable!
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They are so precious! What a good girl Izzy is! And she'll be a great mommy!
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