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My poor dying fish

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Is there anything you can do for a dying goldfish? I have one of those puffy ones with the brain like thing on top it's head. His scales look like they are lifted away from his body and he is laying sideways on the bottom with an occational swim round in a circle. Is there anything to do to end it faster? I know he is dying but I feel so bad. He is all gasping for breath and the other fish may start picking on him... Poor guy
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If you feel there is nothing you can do and think the most humane thing is to euthanize the best *humane* method is to use 1-3 drops of clove oil per liter. I guess this anesthesizes the fish until it is eventually fatal. There are other methods but they are considered far less humane.

Honestly it sounds like he does not have much time left and will probably go on his own. You could move him into a quarantine tank and try to treat it (raised scales sounds like something you could search on for what exactly is the cause). Salt can help the fish breath easier. But you don't have much time to act on this.

Some of these fancy goldfish are breed for mutations which lead to health problems and shorter life span unfortunately.
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I think it may be a bacterial infection. I read that they cause raised scales and white blotchy spots on the fish which he has. He is also really old. I don't know what their lifespan is like but I had him for while and someone owned him before me who took him to the pet shop. Where can I get the clove oil from?
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I don't know much about fish (I just have one betta) but I think you should take him out of the tank and quarantine him in case it's contagious, so the other fish don't get sick.
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Probably at a grocery store... I haven't had to buy it before. I'm not even sure quite what it is or how it is used. I just know its used for this...
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Whether or not he lives much longer you really should get him OUT of the tank in case he has something that the others' could catch.

When we had fish that were not healthy or acting funny, we immediately took them out and isolated them.
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Actually he finally died about two hours after I posted last. Poor guy, I wonder what happened. He is out of the tank and the others are doing fine. Thanks guys.
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I am sorry for the loss of your goldfish I know what its like when there is nothing really you can do.

It does sound like he had a bacterial infection,that may have infected his 'swim bladder',probably why he had no balance and swimming in circles.

Clove oil is used for the relief of toothache and kills pain it is for external use only and not to be swallowed.I have heard it can be used to stop cats from scratching furniture,how true that is I don't know,but it does smell a bit

I didn't know it could be used for goldfish....I'll bear that in mind.
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