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I am so SICK of people!(long RANT)

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So I know I have been venting a lot about my job. Well this isn't about the kids(I know, how about that?)

I have been having issues with getting along with this girl I work in the same room with. She started about a month and a half ago. I have been there since the very beginning of January. Today, our issues have really escalated. I have lost all patience with her. She tries to take over our room(we don't have head teachers or assistants. We all share responsibilies.)She has all these ideas but does NONE of them. I refuse to do them for her anymore. Kristy is too nice to say no though. So doesn't do diapers(we have like 7 kids not potty-trained) or art projects or help with anything but think she is the boss of me and Kristy. I am so SICK OF IT So today she told Kristy to start the art project. Kristy was going to trace, cut out and COMPLETE the project with the kids. I refused to let her do it by herself. So I cut the bears out and kept an eye on the kids while she traced. It then starts thundering and lightening. My kids are terrified of storms so since Sherrie had classical music on VERY low, I went and put on Seseme Street music and turned it up so my kids couldn't hear the thunder that much. Well Sherrie snaps "Why did you do that?" and I said that they were scared and needed different music on. She snaps back with "Well if they get hyper then you can help me calm them down". My kids don't get hyper over music. So I told her that I think I can handle it. Sherrie has just been snapping at me all day and giving me dirty looks and today I am so DONE with it. I have been biting my tongue long enough. I am going back early off my break to discuss this with Laura(my boss) because she said that if we had a problem with Sherrie, she would stick up for us, since Sherrie started this when she first started. I am sick of being bossed around by her and treated like I am a 14 year old and don't know what I am doing. My kids do NOT listen to her at all. They don't care for her and neither do me or Kristy. We are so done dealing with her. There are so many problems with her that I don't even have time to cover them all.....

Sorry, I just needed to vent. I was sobbing to Trav on the phone about how I used to LOVE LOVE my job but have hated it since Sherrie started there. And for the record, Kristy and I get along GREAT and were alone with these kids for 2 months by ourselves and had no issues I think it may be time to job hunt......
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Oh Courtney, I'm so sorry to hear about you having more problems at work.
I know how much you really loved your job - lets hope this lady gets fired, you don't want to have to job hunt (trust me, its no fun! )

Sending good vibes that everything clears up for you
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having these problems with your job, especially as it must be such a disappointment to resent a job you once loved.

I think you're right, and it's time for a serious talk with the boss.
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uh-oh babyharley, some gnomes seem to have sneaked into your siggy

Sorry for the hijack, we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.

It sucks having problems with the people you work with; you're stuck with them for so much of the day, and you don't get to choose them!
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I really hope your boss does something about the new girl. I would have had to tak out in the hall and had a knock down drag out fight with her. I can't stand people who think htey are the boss's and they aren't!
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I had a problem with a woman like that. She was good friends with my boss though, so I eventually had to quit. I worked in a preschool too, I tought 2 year olds, and she had worked there longer than me, and still couldn't handle the kids. The kids didn't like her, and from what I could tell she didn't like them either. (why get a job in a preschool then?? ) I hope everything works out for you, please keep us updated!
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Def. talk to your boss. Let her know what's bothering you, and let her know you're upset enough to look for a new position if this issue isn't resolved. It sounds like your boss values you and your work more than this new girl (since she said she would vouch for you) and her hearing that she may be about to loose a good employee may help get this problem solved quickly.

Good luck!

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I agree, talk to your boss (which hopefully you have done by now).

Bossy people can make the workplace environment really hard to get along in. Plus you don't want it to effect your children too.
See if you can't get your boss to pop in every so often? Maybe then that'll get that Sherrie chick to work.

Otherwise I would sit down with the kids, play with them whatnot and if Sherrie asks why you're not helping, just say "Sorry you treat me like a kid, then I'm gonna act like a kid!"
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