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My first shelter baby :)

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I just adore black kitties - and I've adopted my first shelter baby! (My other cats have come out of the classified ads). I have some questions though, since this is the first time I've gotten a kitten from the shelter.

First, he was only there for about a week, but he's very timid. Loud noises frighten him and he can't stand to be picked up. If you reach down to pet him, he either runs or ducks down like he's scared. He doesn't shake or cry though. Once you get him "warmed up" with some petting, he'll melt into your arms

I just wonder what I can do besides give him oodles of love and attention that will ease him out of this frightened stage? Is there anything I can do to calm his fear? If you can believe it, I play ambient music in the background and that seems to soothe him
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Let him come to you.Right now he's in a new place and is scared.He needs to "learn" to trust you on his terms.Sit in the same room as him and talk softly to him.Don't reach for him, let him come to you.It will take some time, but it will be WELL worth it when he jumps in your arms for pats/lovins. Good luck!!!
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also don't reach down - that is why he is ducking - get on his level and yes let him come to you. Sit with him read a book or a magazine you'll be amazed how quickly his curiosity will get the better of him
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Okay I'll try those things! How can I eventually warm him up to being picked up and cuddled? Or are there some cats that just don't like it?
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He'll either learn to trust you and know that you are "safe" and will come to you.Or he may not be a cuddler.But, that doesn't mean that you can't hold him...when HE"S ready......until he lets you know he wants down.Whatever you do, don't push him before he is ready, or he may leanr to not trust you.
Patience is the key.
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Ok! Thank you all for the advice. I just want this little fella to have the best life possible. I think that week in the shelter scared the beans out of him. He hides under the bed a lot. BTW - Crittermom - he looks just like your little Corwin!

His name is Orion. Maybe I'll post some pictures if I can get him to come to me eventually
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Sparkie---our cat wasn't a shelter cat but she was an abondoned stray kitten. She has never become a lap cat and sometimes still ducks away when we try to pet her. She WILL sometimes come to us but mostly she just plays with out other cats and hangs out by herself.
She used to sleep on our bed though, that was the only time we could count on having her near. She is due to have kittens anyday now and still wants to be left to herself.
But we love her just the way she is!
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