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My little boy was born 3/11/00 and received his last set of
shots 6/14/00. On 6/14 he received the 4 in 1 (Distemper/Upper resperatory) and Rabies. Now my question is regarding the rabies shot - does he in June of 2001 need another or is this one good for 3 years. Do we start from scratch( I was old by the Vet that rabies shots are nowadays good for 3 years)? Thanks for any input
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On all of my cats and dog this is the way the rabies shot goes. The first shot is only good for 1 year, but the next shot (done one year from the first) is good for 3 years. =) Best double check with your vet though - in case yours does something different.. =)
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No, the first one is always only good for one year. They do this because they need it to build up their immune system. Then the vets do it as the state requres. If you plan to do an annual distemper then when this rabies is due, you would give the feline 4 in one.
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