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What are Siberians?

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So you never saw a Siberian?
Siberians first came into US in 1990 from Lenigrad, Russia to a breeder in Louisiana - they resemble the Maine Coon and/or Noregian Forest cat - actually I would bet my last dollar the three all came from the same place - although went in different directions. The Maine Coon is the biggest of the 3, and NFC the smallest with the Siberian in the middle - a SIberian is a well muscled cat with triple long coat - round everything - head, ears , eyes body - coming in all colors including colorpoint - they are lovable and very very intellegent - some do matt so grooming is essential - they get heavy coat in the WInter months and as they age they mature - please visit my web page and click under Siberian growth and see my oldest Irida from 12 weeks to 9 years of age. http://www.gwi.net/~lindag - I need to work on my page so pardon it .
Comrade Kitties - Siberian Cats
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I love Siberians. I only saw two of them in real life, in a cat show once. I thought they were georgeous. I love all the large, natural looking breeds really, like Siberians, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest cats etc.

Linda, would you say Siberians are really hypo-allergenic?
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Yes & No ! Allergy sufferers with just sneezes and wheezes have done very very well, hives and asthmatics - no - I have been very fortunate to find some extra special homes for kittens as they were allergy sufferers who have no had no kits for years due to maybe a new child or new spouse with allergies. I have a couple of buyers who have gotten 2 - that were allergy sufferers, Siberians are not 100% the answer and anyone with allergies to cats MUST visit a siberian home to see if it will work. Most do but I have had some very disapointed folks leave here when the allergies did flair up. I never shipped into allergy homes but made folks drive to my home when kitties were 4 weeks old - if they had no reaction they choose a kitty - came back at 8 weeeks to test and then 12 to take kitty home. I had one girl had no reaction to the kitty but was really allergic to the Mom - she did not buy the kitten. Linda
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