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Hello, new here!

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Hello! This seems like a great site, so just thought I'd introduce myself.

I've recently got my first ever cat, a little kitten called Radar. I brought him home when he was 8.5 weeks old, and had him now for a couple of weeks. He's white with black spots on his face and back, and a black tail. He is half siamese, which you can see in his shape, if not his colouring.

He is absolutely amazing, I was surprised at first just how much energy he has, and the first week with him was quite exhausting but we have now got into a good routine of playing with him, he gets loads of attention.

He is very much a lap cat, and a licker - my eyelids got a good dose of rough kitty tongue yesterday! Not sure if it's a good idea to have cat-mouth bacteria that close to my eyes mind you! He loves affection and when he's worn out after hunting toys on strings he climbs up to sit on me and would happily spend hours purring sleepily while I stroke or brush him - yes he loves being groomed. He nipped a bit (playful finger/elbow/foot chasing, not in aggression) at first, but modifying his behaviour has not been difficult, using the same techniques that I use with the parrot - encouragement and reward without punishment.

He's an indoor cat in a fairly large flat and yes I will of course have him neutered when he's old enough.

He shares his kingdom with me, my partner (soon to be my husband), and my 5 year old Senegal parrot (who pretends the cat does not exist - they are of course kept apart at all times, no point risking anything)

I don't have photos on this computer, but will post some later.
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Hi welcome to TCS! Can't wait to see the pics!
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( about the picĀ“s!
Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!

See you on the forums!
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Hi and welcome!
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Radar sounds wonderful!
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hehe nothing like a kitty tounge on the eyelid to wake one up in the morning ouch
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Yep we definitely need some photos!
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As Epona's future husband I thought I'd pop on here and put up na picture of Radar as well as detailing his latest crimes

Radar has committed the following crimes since joining our family....
-strewn all contents of the bin around kitchen in attempt to get to empty tin of tuna
-scratched my leg to shreds
-knocked my fine collection of shot glasses onto the floor
-snapped the cord to the furry spider he usually plays with
-hidden anything of value under sofa as if 'nesting'
-been observed from outside flat hanging off my favourite t-shirt dangling in window like Jesus on the cross
-unplugged DVD from back of television (oustanding work!!!)
-continually sat in my favourite chair
-continually tried to chase my fingers when typing whilst also pressed 'escape' when Epona was on high level of 'Black + White' puter game

I loves him to death- that goes without saying, but I more mischievious cat I have never before met
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Good lord, that is one heck of a large photo!

Yes of course the kitten behaves like a kitten, but he also learns quickly and is sooooo affectionate, he has just spent ages sitting up under my throat 'mixing puddings' (ie. kneading) on my arm and chin, now however of course he is scrambling up the jacket hung over the chair I am sitting on - claws everywhere in the mad scramble, just to try to get back to sit on me

Love him to bits he's so loving, always wanting cuddles and attention
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Im new too! I'm also going through the fantastic motions of a new kitten. although Im not sure Charlie will stay with us...Its truly nutty having a kitten in the house! good luck!
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tbh I'm used to older cats and its a wonder to watch Radar investigate the world around him- today he has figured out how to get to the top of the bookcase and has knocked a load of my statues onto the floor. No damage, I'm just amazed at his energy and enthusiasm for chaos
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