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Cat constipation?

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Hi there,
This morning, my cat made the weirdest sounds. They were very unusual and loud so when I went to find him, he'd taken a dump on the floor in the living room. Why he didnt use his litterbox is beyond me, cuz he always did before. Could he be constipated? And if so, how would I fix that?

A couple years ago he had crystals in his urine and we put him on a crystal food diet and hes been fine since. Hes only 6 years old and has had no other major problems. Any ideas what this could be?
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He could consider the litter box a place where he has experienced pain and does not want to return.

You can try and add some pumpking to his diet for added Fiber. However I still would call you Vet and discuss the issue with him/her!
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Yes, a vet visit for sure. His anal glands may need to be expressed.
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Yes, cats can get constipated. Prego has a tendency to get constipated, and when he goes, it's gigantic poos!

You should probably take him to the vet for x-rays to eliminate other problems that might have the same symptoms.
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