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Chewing Hair

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Ok I have another question that maybe someone can help me with. I am scheduled to take my newly rescued cat ( Sabia ) to the vet tommorrow concerning the red bumps on ear issues.

My question though is this.. she likes to climb on my shoulder and nuzzle and chew at my hair - (I have long hair) and dig her claws into my back. She absolutely loves hair. I am not quite sure if this is healthy or not. What exactly could this be from? Will her chewing on my hair cause her any harm? She is rather insistent on doing it whenever anyone tries to hold her.

Any information on this would be much apprecaited

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I can't tell you why cat's chew on hair, but I can tell you in my experience it isn't uncommon.

A friend's male orange tabby LOVED hair. He'd sit on the back of the couch behind you, and lick and chew your hair. It was really cute, except for the one time he took a mouthful of my hair and YANKED. I don't know who was more startled-me, or Tigger after I yelped in surprise.

My cat, Ivo, also likes hair (althogh not as much as Tigger). When she sits in her kitty condo, I'll sit on the floor and play with her. She'll lick and chew my hair if I get close enough, but doesn't at any other time.
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What a beautiful name. . ."Sabia"!

If she is not eating the hair, then there is no harm. . . just depends on whether you mind her doing it or not. Because she is clawing at your back (kneading?) it sounds like a substitute nursing thing that comforts her.

If she is eating your hair, I would discourage this because it can cause intestinal blockages. The urge to eat non-food items is called "pica", and is more common in Siamese and Siamese crosses (I saw on your other thread she is a Siamese ). Humans get it too. If Sabia is indeed swallowing the hair, best not to leave your expensive sweaters out, in case she develops a taste for them.
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Sometimes it is just a security thing, I think...but both Maui and Cristy have given you good explanations as well.

While I haven't really seen so much in my own cats that Siamese are more prone to Pica than other cats, I have read this is true. I did have a little Seal point girl who loved to chew on photographs and those plastic shopping bags you get at the grocery stores ... but I always chalked it up to the fact she was getting teeth in at the time because after her teeth came in, she stopped the chewing.

Anyway - she sounds like a real little love!

Continued best of luck,

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My wee one, Sarah, bites my hair. I hate it and try and discourage her but nothing works. In her case, I think she will out grow it, she is probably doing it because its interesting in fun, no idea about yours though.
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