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I read the other closed thread on how to deal with aggresive behavior-great info!

Oliver has suddenly gotten into biting and we are not sure if its play or anger. He seems playful. Last night though, he jumped at my husband actually drawing some blood on his face. This was after some play.

How can we play with our cat as to not cause him to become too aggressive?

Also, is there anyway to get him disinterested in going back outside as he used to back in our old home? He sits right at the door and meows, and if he hears keys, out he goes (always under the same bush too-he doesnt go too far ) Thanks!
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I've only had my cat (5 months old) about 3 weeks but he doesn't bite. We make sure to only play with him with his toys -- never our hands. I also tell this kids to not try to pet him when he is in "play mode."
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