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The Daily Thread Thurs 7-27-06

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let the royal rumpus begin!
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Good Morning All!

Today is my nephew's birthday! He's 2. And I can't wait to give him his presents tonight!!! I have to try to get some "work" done today at work... no fun! no fun! So I'll be slacking off at TCS a little bit...

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good morning how is your Thursday going?, the weekend is almost here!!

Yesterday I had my final wedding dress fitting!! it's starting to feel very real, I could actually walk in it without tripping over it yesterday!

Today is going to be a day filled with lots of laundry, looks like about 4 loads worth (Jeff is a wonderful cook but he doesn't do laundry)

Have a great day everyone!
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The day started off BAD! I stopped at McDonalds to get a fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast and they asked me if I had time to wait while they made one. Well 10 minutes later the still weren't ready. How long does it take to plop yogurt in the bottom add some frozen fruit and plop more yogurt on top? Not 10 minutes!!

I am better now but I am ready for Friday!!
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Good afternoon everyone.

Another hot one here in the UK, but it's my last day tomorrow as i'm on holiday for 2 weeks so i'm tidying up my desk and trays now.
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Good Morning everyone

Thank goodness tomorrow is friday!! woo hoo! Nothing special happening today...I am just going to be pretty busy at work.

Have a great Thursday!!!
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Good morning!

I slept in today because I was home late yesterday. I went to dinner at my grandparents and then we went to see the fireworks. It's an international competition of fireworks and yesterday was Australia. They were really good. Go Australia!
(to be fair, I haven't seen any of the other teams so I can't compare)

Today I have to study for a quiz tonight. I am really hoping to do well on it because I didn't do so well in the midterm exam and I'm trying to catch up.
I will be skipping my Spanish class though. We don't have any test / quiz or homework that need to be handed in... so I'm taking a little break from that class. The prof is getting on my nerves anyways. She treats us like we're high school students

So that's what I have planned for today. Once again, nothing exciting.
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Good morning everyone! Hope your day is going better than mine...
after a bad night's sleep curtesy of our naughty boys had to get up at 5. I grumped at my hubby for leaving the corn cobs out then I banged my head on the cupboard he had left open. And I have bad cramps. I think DH is going to hide from me today!
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Good Morning all

Just another day here - my boss is gone today!

Went on a motorcycle ride last night with John & some friends - came home and Davidson fell asleep on my lap while I was on the computer.... he is such a sweetie pie, a meowmy's boy for sure!

I slept really well last night, and didn't want to get outta bed

Oh well, tomorrow is Friday!
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Good afternoon all! I am still in my pj's!
Yesterday my boyfriend got offered his dream job! Its been a struggle since he graduated but we are there now! So we went out celebrating last night and I got a little worse for wear and have been sick today.
We have booked ourselves a holiday and are off to Portugal on Monday for some beautiful sunshine
When we get home we have to start looking for a house to buy as the job is over an hour away in Edinburgh. And I also need to look for a job!
Busy busy times for me!
Have a great day all
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Good morning everyone!

Been awake since, hmm.... about 11am yesterday morning... boy am I beat! I was up all night working - the down side of working from home they don't tell you about... you're always at the office Was just finishing my last search when my BF woke up, came into my office and said "... there's no coffee" Well sheesh! There's gratitude for ya!

Finally found a thrift store that will pick up my furniture Was so worried it was going to end up in the trash... which is a shame since it's in good condition... so really excited about this.

Now I get to nap, then work, then make a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond, then go to the old apartment to move my fishtanks finally... oy, big day! But...sleep first

Hope everyone has a fantabulous day!
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Afternoon all!

My day started off not the best - forgot to buy some things at the shops and found out that my phone company has been billing me for my dial-up internet that I cancelled in March! Still not getting anywhere with it after numerous calls

But....I'm feeling more cheerful now as I'm baking! There's a coffee morning on Saturday to fundraise for the rescue that Annie came from, so I'm baking some delicious currant slices! First batch is in the oven now!

Have a good day everyone - nearly the weekend!!
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Afternoon everyone!
I am off with DH and boy is it going to be a busy day! We have to go and get things to finish small things here and there, and Rocket lost his collar during a bout with the cat crazies last night so there's another stop for us. (The only cat I didn't have an extra collar for!) I just hope I have a name tag for him otherwise I'll have to get one of those as well. Oh well, I love Petsmart anyway so I don't mind going there.
LuckyGirl have fun at your nephews b-day!!!
Miss Mew I can't wait to see your pics! I love wedding dress pics!!!
Phenomsmom I think McDonalds does that to everyone. My coworker had to wait 20 minutes for his food yesterday and it made him last for work, so I let him eat it after he clocked in. He was heated to say the least.
rosiemac Have a great vacation! I'm jealous.
pushylady- run Dh run!! Poor guy not very smart are they?
babyharley's boss is gone for the day on the cat site she will play! LOL!
Pombina have fun house hunting! Don't settle on one, get the one you want to live in furever!!!
MuttigreeMom why would you stay up over 24 hours? that's silly! No job is worth sleep deprivation.
Sar anytime you want my addy to send me some homemade yummys, I'll be happy to oblige!
Have a warm and wonderful day filled with nothing but fun and smiles!
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Good afternoon everyone! This is my first post in one of the daily threads, I hope it's okay that I join in!

I had to get up early to run errands a couple of days this week, so I slept in yesterday and planned to do so again today, but Cotton had other plans and woke me up at 2PM. By the time I was up, he was sacked out in the corner, snoozing innocently.

I'm planning to go get a haircut before work tonight, but I'm not really doing anything special - just working! I think I have a training class tonight, which means less phone time, so at least that's good.

I'm looking forward to the weekend, it can't get here fast enough.
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Sorry I'm posting so late!!
We went out to a "irish" pub for my birthday dinner. They had my favorite belgium beer on tap!! (i'm so easily impressed)
Ran errands, grocery shopping (saved $22). Good news we might have found the tandem axle trailer that can be used for my business and to haul Neils tractor which BTW the person putting it back together is almost finished!! (I don't even want to know the cost as we have to get it painted yet!!)
Stopped at a SIL's house for a quick visit.
Its going to warm up quite a bit over the next few days-yuck!!!
Going to an estate sale in a small rural community tomorrow am-hoping to pick up some good deals!!

All for now!!
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