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i'm a bit confused... which is it?

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is it 2 aprox. 2 weeks until delivery that you start feeling the kittens move or seeing the kittens move or both? (does my question make sence?)
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yes it does. and yes, its 2 weeks, (give or take a few days) before birth when you start to see and feel movement.
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Originally Posted by Liza24
yes it does. and yes, its 2 weeks, (give or take a few days) before birth when you start to see and feel movement.
im wondering if missy is overdue ???? im sure its been at least 3 weeks were i have felt definent movements as we dont know her history and the vet was very vague all he said was soon do you think i ought to take her to the vets ?
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it was about 3 weeks after i felt movement in Icis that she had the babies, but i was looking everyday, so i prob felt them early. i wouldnt worry yet. you could always call the vet just to make yourself feel better tho.
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i think i will give her till monday if no kitties by then i will take her do you ever take there temperature?
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i did for the week that she was due. her temp went from 101.3 to 98.0, and 5 days later she went into labor, so temp isnt REALLY a good sing in ALL cats. best sign is panting.
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with this heat she pants everytime she moves i didnt like the thought of doing her temp. i will just have to let nature take its course, im so nervous ive bought everything i need for the birth just in case we have problems i pray that we dont but as the vet she is just over 1 herself i believe there is a chance that she could have problems with the birth. do you know what the average number of resperations per minute is normal for a cat ???
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not offhand. but i dont know it wasent a " im hot " pant, she would curl her lips and made funny faces.
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hmm.. i have been able to feel "fluttering" movement since july 1st. that is why i thought she would have been due the 14th since that is 2 weeks after they moved but now it has been almost 4 weeks since they have been moving.... and i just saw them move for the first time yesterday.
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Jessie it seems like you and I are in the same boat!

I watched her this morning and the movement is VERY noticable. Hopefully this is a good sign! I haven't looked at her too much because she likes to stay by herself. I would try to pick her up once a day and hold her for a few minutes just to 'feel' how things are going. She doesn't like to be held, she is NOT a lap cat!

She had better have them soon or they will come out full grown!
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jsut be careful when they are born. mine came out with some stool in the sacs, meaning they WERE overdue. just keep a sharp eye in the babies breathing if that happens.
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I don't believe she is OVERdue but who knows!
I think it is because she has always been a small, slight cat, that she is uncomfortable.
If she doesn'thave them by the end of the weekend, I may see if the vet will just take a quick look at her and give me his opinion.
As for the new food, I did introduce it to her slowly but she just doesn't like it very much. I do happen to have some canned salmon so maybe I will put a little of that in there and she how she takes it.
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Kitty doesnt like to be held either. lol. i think that the kitten in there has his back turned or something because i can feel the shape of his body but it is hard to feel/see him move. if she hasnt had them by next wed. then i might see if my mom and i can go get her checked out.
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I have been watching for movement and feeling and all I am getting now is the occasional kick. But she is so big I imagine that they are running out of room I was supposed to go camping this weekend and had to call it off. I would never forgive myself if something went wrong and I wasn't here.
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Well I must say that there is definetly movement in Spots! When she lays still for any amount of time, I can see them move---they remind me of little aliens or something trying to get out of her body!
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haha that's funny. in Kitty's first litter you could definetly see them moving alot.
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