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Kricket is weird

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Kricket has always liked socks. She use to steal clean ones off my bed when I was getting dressed. I witnessed the craziest thing tonite. She woke up, crawled out from underneath my bed, jumped into my dirty laundry, snooped around,grabbed a dirty sock, shoke it like a pitt bull and then jumped out with the sock in her mouth like it was her prize. I took it from her threw it back in the hamper and she just went back and took it out again. We did this about 3 more times and she did the same thing every time, I just gave up, let her keep the sock. I then looked under my bed and found a small stash of socks, hidden all the way in the back corner, lol.(all along i was blaming the dryer for eating my socks) Kricket is one unique/strange cat she has new surprises for me every day.
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Alot of cats do something similar - though mainly it is done by kitties of a female persuation
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I think Kricket needs to meet Jack! It sounds like they have a lot in common!

He likes to get into my laundry basket, find my underwear, run through the house with it and then drop it in the middle of the livingroom floor.

We learned the hard way to make a quick sweep of the living room before letting company in the house
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Leo, my 4 month old kitty, is also a fan of "re-zoning" my clothes. This morning I woke up to find a bra outside the bathroom, and my shirt by the front door. Apparently he didn't like where I left them.

He does this on a regular basis, and not only with clothes, but also cat toys and anything else he can get his paws & mouth around. I think he's looking for a career in interior decorating; I'll worry when he starts rearranging my furniture!
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