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Found them playing.

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I had just said good bye to my bf for the night, tonight. I was walking downstairs, and found Cuddles and Sushi playing together. I NEVER EVER thought that would happen. When we first got Sushi, Cuddles would hiss or growl at the site of Sushi or the smell of Sushi.

They had their paws wrapped around each other, and doing the "shes down for the count of three." Kinda thing. It was soooo CUTE!!!

That's the other reason I took Sushi home. Cuddles is only a year old, while the other cats (6 years old or more) just like to sunbath and be lazy. While Cuddles would try to get them to play but they weren't interested. And now she finally has a play buddy.

The very funny part is that when they noticed me, Cuddles broke away and acted like she didn't know what I was laughing about, as if to say it was all Sushi's fault for her doing what she was doing, but she was truly grossed out but this little furball.
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They're little cuties alright.

I love it when I find Molly or Bobby playing with Slayer or Sláine.
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Aww, that's cute!
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That is is funny. I wonder why they don't want us to see what they do sometimes.
Pearl will not have much of anything to do with the others most of the time, but occasionally I will catch her playing with one of the others, or sleeping on the bed where they are. Unless they are all asleep, she will run and hide if I see her associating with the other cats. Weird!
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Yeah thats what I think Cuddles is doing too. But Sushi has figured out that if she wants to play, than she's going to play even if I am in the room. When Cuddles walked in my room a while go, Sushi decided it was play time. And I watched from the corner of my eye, when I turned to give full attention, Cuddles pulled away and hissed at her. LOL I know there will be a day that Cuddles will play right out in front of everyone.
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