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It was all meowmy's fault!

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Oh man I got on the bad cat mom list for this one. DH and I cleaned out our little bathroom today, and this also includes moving out both litter boxes. Well when I put both back I didn't put them in the correct spots. Dh just walked in on 8-Bit with his little rear hanging over the side of the box pooing on the floor. He kept saying, "Bit move forward, just move forward!" The cat looked back as to say "Dad! I can't! My box is wedged in this tiny corner and I have to go!!"

Looks as if I have to mop again.
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Oh no!

He's a little picky isn't he?

He'd get very confused in my house. BF handles all the litter tray stuff, and I handle all dead thing issues, and like the gods of old, we keep our chaste domains.

In any case BF is constantly moving the litter boxes. It's not a game, but I would understand if the cats thought it was. 1 of them is always in the same spot but the other two move every few days. At least they won't get bored - I just hope they leave enough time to search, in case it's not where they think it's going to be.
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My old kitty, used to sit on top of the shower doors, and watch me take a shower,
well once she slipped landed inside the shower, she started running in circles trying to find a way out, even after i opened the door.

Had to pick her up and toss her out,, then she did the old look and yell at me, like it was MY fault she fell in.
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