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my crazy sleeping kitty (pic_

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Hello all, I managed to sneak a quick snap of Pixel sleeping, hehe, I'm sure it's just the anthropomorphic fallacy at work, but she seems more "human" every day, heck, sometimes, we'll catch her sleeping sitting up (on her back) on the couch, with her legs crossed, and a paw over her face, the other across her chest, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen, lol.

do many cats sleep on their backs? She does quite often.
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That picture is adorable!!! My cat Snowball often sleeps on his back too.
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Almost every cat, that I've had, has slept on his/her back. Its a sign that they feel secure, in our homes.
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What a sweety! Yup - mine also sleep on their back.
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How adorable.

One of mine always sleeps on her back too, she actually rolls into it, its so funny to see her. Its like she is trying to get comfy before she hits dreamland.
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Both of my cats sleep on their backs, but Molly does it all the time. Here's a link to some pics. I tried to resize and they were still too big.

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Pixel is just so adorable. Great pic, BTW. Keep 'em coming! We love kitty pics!

Brenda - Molly really has no shame in that first picture! :LOL:
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I'm finding it hard to get pictures that aren't adorable! I'm glad y'all like pics, I've got a few and always have one or two to post, they're megapixel shots, (for you geeks among us) reduced and compressed to roughly 50K in size. (I try to keep 'em small since so many people still use dialup, which can be dreadfully slow) It's interesting to know so many y'alls cats sleep on their backs as well, Pixel gets about as much attention as you can give a cat without completely spoiling them, (Which is not so bad anyhow) so I guess she's pretty comfortable. Here's another litte shot with a caption, oh, and molly's a cutie, resting after a hard day's play eh? lol

"Well, you didn't use a flash THIS time, but did you think I wouldn't hear the 'click'?"
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Tekkdrone, Pixel is quite the cutie! She looks like she's plotting revenge in that second pic.

Molly is definitely shameless. She sprawls wherever she feels like it. They're so cute, especially when they sleep.
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Cute pictures! She looks so relaxed and happy.
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And just what is wrong with spoiling cats? Actually, I have brought home two, perfectly good cats - BILL spoiled them.
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Pixel is such a doll!!!!!

Merlin almost always sleeps on his back...he stretches way out and throws a front leg over his face. Too cute!
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How absolutely beautiful - they could win an award!
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Hi Tekkdrone,

Your picture is absolutely precious---makes me want to reach out and rub her tummy. I'm curious would she happen to be a Shaded Silver American Shorhair breed. Wow, if not, she sure looks like one especially with that little dark mark on her forehead. Anyway she's a keeper!!!!

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