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Oops! Sorry kitty!

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I just accidently kicked my cat!

She was under the futon next to the computer desk taking a bath and as I went to stand up she must have been scooting under my chair and I accidently clipped her. I am only wearing flip-flops so I don't think I hurt her badly, she is probably more surprised than hurt, but she is hiding and seems upset.

I feel terrible. How can I reassure her that I didn't mean it and make sure she is OK? I don't even know where I kicked her. I just feel awful and she is so freaked out.

I love that she wants to be near me but she does have a way of getting under foot and I don't see her. Poor baby.
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My cats love to twine themselves around my feet as Im walking and love to stop on a step just below me, as Im walking down the steps (I hope their not trying to kill me ) ... but I too have mistakenly stepped or knocked one of them. I usually just get down to their level and speak softly to them, until they come to me. And this usually resolves any hurt feelings and things go back to normal.
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Give her some cuddles and she will forgive you in short order.
(I don't think there is a cat alive that hasn't managed to get themselves clipped by a foot at least once in their lives.)
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Mine have gotten kicked and tripped over so often, all I have to do now is say "Oops! Sorry _____!" And then they're fine.
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Thanks for the support - my heart is almost out of mouth..sigh, I know it wasn't my fault but it scared me too!

I found her, coaxed her out and gave her treats and she let me pet her. I have been tossing her favorite fuzzy balls around to see if she is playing and check to see if she is limping or anything. She seems ok but a little wary.

She has gone over to finish her dinner so that is a good sign. I have to remember to keep the lights on and my eyes peeled. I am clumsy enough without a cat; I have to try to be much more careful now I guess.
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Trust me, her feelings are probably the only thing that were genuinely's have pride! She'll be okay. My cats have accepted that I'm basically a klutz...I've stepped on tails, paws, tripped over them...I'm kind of like Chevy Chase around my cats. If I shower them with treats, apologies, attention, kisses, and sympathies, I'm usually forgiven in a couple of hours.
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I was cleaning up a mess on the floor this weekend and my boy Cliffie came to check out what I was doing. I moved something that startled him and he jumped straight up into the air and whacked the back of his head on the bottom of a metal stand. I couldn't get near him for two days....he actually thought I smacked him on the head. If cats could cuss I bet I got called every name in the book. It took a whole lot of sweet talking, but he finally got over it. I felt really bad too.
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OH No I did again! I can't belive it

I was just bending over giving her lovvies and skritches and I accidently stepped on her foot while she was moving - boy did she shriek - I am so upset.

I just have to go to bed and get off my feet before something serious happens. This is so weird - it is just one of those nights. I really hope she forgives me- twice in one night - ouch! I didn't try to give her treats because I don't want her to associate them with pain.

I just have to be careful. My poor kitty has had really a rough night! I will watch carefully to see if her paw swells. If it does should I try to ice it? I dont' see her going for that...

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I'm sure she'll be fine. It could definitely be worse--I once clipped my kitty's butt, literally. Spot was a very fluffy boy, and he had stuff stuck to his rear hairs, especially as he had been having diarrhea. His poor behind was inflamed before the trimming, and I cut a little too close. I'm honestly not sure who was more upset. He forgave me quickly, and we were back to normal.
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Oye Vey - I can relate - that is why I have NIGHT LIGHTS all over the house!!!
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Originally Posted by catsallover
Mine have gotten kicked and tripped over so often, all I have to do now is say "Oops! Sorry _____!" And then they're fine.
That's kind of what it's like here, particularly with Nathan, since he is the one that is usually underfoot. Usually he just runs a few steps and then stops and looks over his shoulder with this face that's like, "Hey! Watch where you're going!" They get over it.
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She seems ok - no paw problems. I am really spoiling her though. Whatever she wants - treats, open windows, fish cat food, she is getting. And lots and lots of lovvies.

I know it was an accident but it was so weird to do it twice. I guess it is all part of a klutz being owned by a cat. Thanks so much for the kind words.

Nightlights are on the shopping list now too!
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You think that's bad... If I happen to step on my cat Shadow's tail, she will shriek like a banshee. That's not the best part though, because soon thereafter my cat baby will run in and a battle royale will ensue.

We're very careful about walking around my house, needless to say :p
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