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My brother, Mike called tonight - Mom is back in the hospital. Now, she has blood clots, in her lungs. They expect to keep her at least a week. Her legs have been hurting and she was vomiting. My dad couldn't get her a doctor's appointment, so her took her to the ER, this morning.

I called the hospital and talked to both of them. Mike called me too late, for me to go up there. She's on Coumadin (anticoagulant). I know that clots are a common occurence, post-op. The doctor should have been on top of this, though. With her history of diabetes, heart attacks, elevated triglycerides and the bypass and stroke, she's a high surgery risk. Friday, she had developed pneumonia but, they let her go home, that evening. She's on Medicare, with an HMO. These patients get discharged, too early because Medicare and the HMO limit how much they'll pay. I n the long run, with someone like Mom, it costs more, due to complications.

Barring another turn for the worse, Bill and I are going to the hospital, tomorrow after work. He is so good, about supporting me. Bill's mother died, last year and it's fresh enough, in his memory.

I'm having a rough time, with this. Mom has been sick, so much since 1985. She has, always pulled through, though. I'm not so sure, this time. She's 65, younger than Granny was, when she died. Most of Mom's problems are the same ones that Granny had: heart, diabetes, liver. The only exception was Granny's cancer.

My oldest brother, Randy, is such a jerk. He's, already trying to figure out what he can get, if Mom dies. Also, he pitched a fit, when he found out that diabetes is hereditary. Statistically, two of us kids should develop it. BOTH of our grandmothers, as well as Mom have/had it. He acts like its Mom's fault. He didn't act that way, about Daddy's prostate cancer. He stands a better chance of getting that, than diabetes.

This is running long, but I am so worried that I can't sleep. Guess I'll give it another try.
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I really have no words to comfort you. I just wanted to let you know that I will add your mom to my prayers tonight. I know you are scared and worried. I hope tomorrow brings you some peace.
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Cindy - my prayers are with you and your mom. I hope that she pulls thru ok. Try to keep positive and we are all here for you!
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Sending best wishes and prayers that your Mother recovers her health. Be patient with your brother - it might be his reaction is due to shock/stress/ an inability to cope with the situation.
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Cindy - I'm so sorry to hear about the complications. Keep the faith, sometimes that all we have.

I understand what you are feeling with your brother. My sister sounds very similar. It's frusterating, but the people around you do see what's going on, even if they don't admit it out loud.

You and your family is in my thoughts. I hope everything turns out for the best.
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I am so sorry to hear that your mom is not doing well. I hope she is feeling better soon. She is in my thoughts.
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Sorry, about your mom. I'll be sending positive energy her way and your way
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I hope she recovers soon! It is hard to see our parents when they are not well.
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Cindy, my thoughts are with you. Hopefully you will take care of yourself also. When we are in pain, we sometimes neglect ourselves in the process and end up sick.

It's too bad about your brother, I do agree that grief is dealt with by people in different ways, it's just too bad that some people have to voice their thoughts to others, especially when they say something that they will probably regret having said, years from now.

It's a shame that the hospital sent her home knowing she had pneumonia. You'd think they would have thought twice about that since it is a serious condition. Hopefully, this time around, they'll think about what is best for your mom and keep her until she has completely recovered.

Keep us posted.
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Went to the hospital, after work. She was on her second transfusion. Her red cell count is too low. They checked her vitals and blood sugar, while we were there. Those were all normal.

My dad had gone home, to feed the dogs and himself. Brother #1 (the jerk) was up, earlier, with his wife and kids. #2 (Mike) was supposed to go, this evening. As for Brother #3 - who knows? He's either drunk, stoned or in jail. Sometimes, I'm tired of being the only grownup.

Mom seemed to be in good spirits and insists that she will be out, in time for her birthday (July 14). I hope so. She has clots in both lungs. I think she likes Bill. She introduced him as "my son-in-law". Oh, well, he's the closest she's got to one. As for Bill, he'll do anything, for my parents. I am so grateful, for his support.

Thank you, all, for the good thoughts and prayers.
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Cindy - I hope that she starts getting better soon! She is lucky she has you and you are lucky you have Bill. I am still sending good thoughts your way!
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I am so sorry to hear about your mother! How is she doing today? It is too bad your brothers can't be more supportive, but Bill sounds like such a doll to be there for you and be so good to your family.

I will send up a prayer, please keep us posted!!!
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Cindy - I for one am proud of you for being the grown-up of the kids. Your support and time given your mom will certainly be remembered! I am praying for her and you as well. Take care and let us know how things are going with her!
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Cindy, I know this is very hard for you. Please know that many of us are praying for your mom as well as for you and your family. The people we love can make us so angry at times--and you don't need any additional hassle right now. Perhaps it is, as some others mentioned, their way of handling fear. God bless you and God bless your mother. Please keep us informed.
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Bill and I went to the hospital, this morning. The doctor was there and said that he wants to keep her, one more day. Her prothrombin (clotting) times aren't quite right and they need to adjust her anticoagulant dosage. They draw blood several times a day and the backs of both hands are black-and-blue. Mom has fragile veins. The tech tried to get a sample, while we were there. He was good, though - after two tries, he quit. Having been a phlebotomist, I admired his professionalism. Some will keep digging, regardless of how much pain they inflict.

With luck, though, she can go home tomorrow. At least, she'll be out, in time for her birthday, July 14.

Thanks, for all of the concern, out there. ((()))
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Sorry I'm reponding to this so late but I just wanted to say that my best thoughts are with you and I really hope that your mom pulls through. I'm sure she is so greatful to have you as a daughter and by her side during this rough time. It's good to hear that she is improving.
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I hope everything goes well, and you can bring her home tomorrow!!! I will say another prayer for her tonight! Please let us know!
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Mom's home. The phones are out, in her part of town so, I haven't talked to her or my dad. I got my news, via my brother, Mike. I guess everything's OK, though. I'll try to check on them, tomorrow.
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This is a bit late....... But, I'm glad your mom is home & is going to be ok!
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I am so glad to hear your mom is home and is doing much better!!!
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Thanks, everyone. Still haven't been able to reach them. Qwest (the phone company) hasn't repaired the lines, yet. Thank God, for my cell phone.
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Hopefully she gets stronger everyday!
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