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"FLEAS" help me!

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I've just brought two little 7 1/2 week old kittens home last night. And this morning, as I was spending some quality time with them, I noticed a flea crawling through one of the kitten's fur. I'm kicking myself over it! I know that blood loss from fleas can be deadly to kittens this age... What do I do?!
Will they be alright?!

They havn't been outside. How did they even get fleas?!
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They may have had fleas from birth.

First, it is very important that you use no flea products on these kittens unless they have been seen by a vet and the vet gives them to you specifically for these kittens.

The only safe thing to do, until you can get them to the vet, is use a flea comb and go over them, get a little tub (to dip the comb in, not the cat), and put some dawn dish soap and hot water in it. Make a pass with the comb, dip it in the soapy water, rinse/dry it, and do it again. This will take awhie.
Then, treat the environment. If you see a flea, assume there are fleas/eggs/larvae everywhere. Wash everything washable in very hot water, if you have decorative pillows they've been on that are not washable throw them out, vaccuum everything daily including furniture, and clean surfaces.

You can also try boric acid or diatomaceous earth in the carpets.
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All you can really do at this point is flea comb them with a bowl of warm dawn dish soap next to you. dip it in the soap and comb through the kittens. Unitl they are just a bit older. Talk to your vet though, if it is bad, he may recommend using a half dose of kitten flea meds. But never buy them over the counter. just from the vet.
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