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Chewable Heartguard

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I have Oliver on Heartguard to prevent heartworm (he's an inside kitty, but he gets to got out in the back yard on a harness with me, and the dog's always carrying various critters inside on her fur)... so the only way they make Heartguard for cats is what's supposed to be a tasty chewable, however, Oliver doesnt find it tasty at all and will just turn his nose up to it and walk away. Because of this reaction, I've just been pilling him with it to get it in his system (ie: giving it to him the way you'd give a tablet or capsule - putting it in the back of the throat and making him swallow)... is this ok to do? I assume it will still be effective even if it isn't chewed, but am I right? I have no problem pilling him (he gets CoQ10 capsules as well, so we've got the system down, haha) I just want to make sure it's ok for him to get the meds in this fashion since he's a picky monster... thanks y'all!
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I don't see why it's a problem. I do it that way with Mellie. And I'm sure I recollect the vet tech telling me to do it that way if my cats wouldn't eat it. She also said I could put it in food. The boys eat theirs "straight"
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That's fine if you have to do it that way. Just a suggestion, Revolution is also a heartworm preventative and it is a topical. It's an option.
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He gets topical flea/tick stuff already and I just dont feel as confident with a topical heartworm preventative as I do with Heartguard... we've been using Heartguard on our dogs since before I was born, so we trust it very much... I dont have any problem pilling him, just wanted to make sure the meds still worked that way....
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As I understand the mode of action, Revolution claims to be a heartworm preventative because it kills mosquitoes (the heartworm vector), whereas Heartgard is active directly against heartworm larvae.
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I use this also. What I do is chop it up into very tiny bits and mix it in with a teaspoon of some tastey, cheap wet food that they normally want, but don't get.....like friskies or fancy feast and serve it to them when they're hungry. They scarf it up. Once they finish it, I'll give them the rest of the food.
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what age should I start giving this to Stoli.
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The compant states that Heartguard can be given to kittens as young as 6 weeks... talk with your vet about it
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Should I be giving my kitten heartworm prevention? I give it to my dog, but my kitten is strictly indoors...
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The risk is low, but still, I suppose you have seen mosquitoes get inside.
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Yeah, the risk for cats is low and most vets will say it's up to you.... I decided to do it for the warmer months since, like I said, I take him outside to play and the dog brings various critters inside with her.... it's not all that expensive for a 6 month supply, but you'll beed a prescription from your vet
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