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Where do you find Felidae dry food?

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It seems that it is a very good dry food and I would like to start my new kitten on it, but it doesn't seem to be carried by the regular pet stores. I don't want to order online. Is there a store that carries it that I'm not aware of? If not, what is the best dry foods carried at the regular stores (PetSmart, PetCo, etc.)? I already have her on Nutro wet.
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I buy it at a small independent pet store. That's where you usually find the better foods. You can also find it at Pet Supplies Plus if you have one. Go to and click on thier store locator too. That will tell you everywhere that carries it.

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Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, it's about an hour trip each way where I'm moving to the nearest store that carries it. But it's good to know I can check wherever I go.

Any suggestions for the best dry food that is more readily available?
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It's an hour ride for me too. I just buy more than one bag at a time so I don't have to go so frequently. Spent almost $90 last time I was there, but I won't have to go again for a while (bought dog and cat food).

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You could try speaking with the owner or manager of the pet supply store near you and see if they can get that brand in. We only have a Pet Supplies Plus in this area and they have ordered certain things when I have requested or at least told me why they aren't able to carry it.
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My cat were started on Nutro natural or (gasp) purina kitten food.
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Lol. Gail....

I would talk with your local pet or feed stores ... Many will special order
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I buy mine at Pet Supplies Plus; they have the best price. I've also seen it at Petco.
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Thanks! I havent actually checked Petco because they dont have one here, but they do where I am moving to. I will check there when I get there, and if not, I will ask if they can order it. Thanks for the help!
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The Pet Supply Outlet by me has Felidae as well as several other high-end cat foods. Unfortunately my store doesn't check for outdated products like some of the other stores in my town. My hubby was looking some of the canned food I just bought for my new kittens and told me some of it was out of date- the Chicken Soup expired July 2005!

He's returning that after work today, and he'll have a good heart-to heart with the managers. Maybe they'll chuck the old stuff and order new. I don't want to order food over the internet without buying a little bit as a trial first.

The moral of the story is: Check the expiration dates before you buy it!
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Small independent pet shops, health food stores, and higher end grooming shops are all a good bet. Our grooming shop special orders several brands for specific people, and there's a competing grooming shop nearby that offers the best quality selection of pet foods I have ever seen.
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My Pet Supplies Plus carries the Felidae (and the Canidae, for dogs), and special orders the Felidae Chicken and Rice (one cat has a fish allergy) for me- I am happy with the food (cats are SO soft now!), price and the order time .
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Ive never heard of Pet Supplies Plus. I will check when I get to my new (temporary) home. I know there is at least one store where I live now that carries it, but I am moving for a year in about a week, so I dont want to pack any excess stuff. I will definately check some of the smaller pet stores. Thanks for all the help!
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