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im so excited !!

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on friday i will be bringing home an 8 1/2 month old white and gray female cat. her owners are moving and cant take her with them. she is described as very sweet and loving, loves kids (i have two little ones), no bad habits, comes when shes called. she also comes with everything! litter, litter box, food, dishes, scratching post, bed, and kennel. she is not spayed so that will of course be the first priority aside of trying to make her feel as comfy as possible in her new home anyway, i have owned cats before and they were quite healthy but that was 7 years ago and i have never really done any research on owning cats. so if anyone has any advice for a semi-newbie cat owner feel free to share on this thread or pm me thanks.

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8 people have viewed this post and have not welcomed me.... not feelin the luv.....
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I just saw your post! Welcome to TCs, and congrats on your new addition. Please don't feel unloved, some of us log on at work, and just have time to read, not always post. We are actually a very friendly bunch.
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thank you Krazy
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Hi there Julie we're so happy to welcome you and your new furbaby to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Not long now til your new furbaby comes home
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Congratulations one your new family member, we like photos here so I hope you will post some when you get her.
It is nearly midnight here in the UK so I am off to bed soon, see you on the forums.
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Just wanted to say congrats on your new kitty. Have you decided on a name yet? Get your camera ready to take lots of pictures. Would love to see her.
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thank you everyone, i feel so much better now

i will take and post pictures as soon as possible once we get her. i really cant wait until friday )

we havnt picked out a name for her yet, it has to be one that all three of us (me and my two daughters) agree on. if we dont come up with something we like better, we will call her Sadie.
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Sadie sounds like a beautiful sophisticated cat name to me. Well, you just have 2 more days to get her. Do you have a room set up for her to get accustomed to her new surroundings ?
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Ahhh Dont want you to not feel welcome So welcome from myself and my crew of 8 Were glad you joined us, so if you need anything just give a bigole Meow someone will be right back at ya....See ya on the forums
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thanks halfpint )

pami, i only just found out i was getting her this morning ) so, no i dont have a room set up. honestly i didnt even think about that. she is very people friendly (from what im told) and there is a very low-traffic room that she could retreat to if she feels the need. i dont have anything for her yet because i will be getting all of her things along with her. i had planned on putting her things where they normally will be when i get them. do you think i should put her and all of her things in one room and let her get used to one room at a time? i guess im not really sure what you mean hehe, maybe you could send me a pm and explain further? thanks

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Hey Julie,

Yes definetly put all her things in one room when she first gets there. Although she is a "people person", (which is a great quality to have in a cat),cats are also territorial, so she will have to adjust to her "new territory". New smells, new life, new people, new everything. I would even say keep her confined to that one area for a bit. A bit meaning she will let you know when shes ready to explore new areas and I would let her, as she is ready. But that one area you confine her to will be her "safe area" as she adjusts to her new home. It will help a lot that shes coming with her familiar "things", too. I cant wait to see pics of her. You are really lucky that shes a "people person", too.
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ok, thanks )
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her current owner got her at 3 days old and she was bottle fed so i guess why she loves people so much )

now, should i put her in a room with all her stuff and keep the door closed for the first day or so? or leave it open so she can wander out if she feels like it? i dont want her to feel ignored either.
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Welcome to TCS
I would let her roam if she wants to. When I got my girls Maggie May came right out of the carrier to check out her new home. Jazz on the other hand stayed in the carrier and/or hid for 2 days afterwar . Found her hiding spot after she let out a big meeeeeooooow as if to say "What about me" and talked her out by brushing her and talking gently to her. Why not wait and see how your kitty reacts when she gets there?
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hi there, everyone on here is really nice i only joined a few days ago and im over whelmed with peoples kindness i had a siggie made for me today it made me cry i was so touched i hope you find all the answers you need im a semi new owner myself. ive had 2 male cats in the past who sadly passed away but 4 weeks nearly 5 a pregnant tabby adopted me and my family so missy will be my first momma cat and it will be the first time i will experience having kittens.
see you in the forums
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Hi welcome to TCS! Congrats on the new kitten.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
I just saw your post! Welcome to TCs, and congrats on your new addition. Please don't feel unloved, some of us log on at work, and just have time to read, not always post. We are actually a very friendly bunch.

And others like myself don´t have PC at home and We have to go at Ciber Coffe to use the Internet!

BUT, Well said Krazy Kat2!

Welcome to TCS at your new kitty!!! Can´t wait to see a pic of him!.. See you on the forums!
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Can't wait to see a picture best of luck with her adjustment!
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we just got home with our new cat, im not sure if she is really a "people person" after all. she is hissing and growling at us! hehe. (we are not trying to get close or pet her or anything). so for now she is confined to a room by herself. how often should i go in to check on her? anything else i should be doing? shes got her food, water, bed, litter box, and toys in there.
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give her time, everything is new to her she will adjust Good Luck!!!
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Awww .... she just scared and needs to adjust to her new surroundings. Leave her in her room to adjust to the new smells. Perhaps just you alone can go in and check on her every 10 or 15 minutes. Dont approch her, just sit on the floor and let her approach you, talk to her softly. Keep doing this and she will come around.
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here are some pics, she doesnt look much like her old owner described and she doesnt even look like a calico to me? but here she is go to the lounge and vote on what i should name her )

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She's precious all the same! Congratulations!
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Alright! Karen! Get the gnome out of my photo!
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