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cranberry for cats/help?

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A Natural Urinary Acidifier
Treats and prevents Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease by acidifying urine and breaking up struvite crystals. Contains a natural acidifier extracted from berries. Tablet form.
Carpon100 tablets$19.30 +

Has anyone used this or cranberry treats or supplements to help with cystitis?

I am considering this for my male with cystitis. The vet recommended adding cranberry flakes to his wet food. Any input?
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I don't know too much either. But I know alot of premium foods have cranberries and claim them to be good for maintaining urinary health. Also, I have a cousin who has basically the equivalent but in female humans, and she drinks a whole thing of Ocean Spray Cranberry every day to prevent serious probs with her tract.

If your vet recommended it, and you've found a good product you like, I would love to hear how it goes in case I never need to do so too!

As long as there aren't any other suspicious ingredients, then I'm sure you've found something good...

now just to get him to eat it... Mwahhahahaha
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we used cranberry extract....
the main thing is to get your cats body into an acidic state so that the crystals do not form.....

there lots of ways to do this one of them is feeding once a day insead of free feeding...
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I found cranberry powder in capsules, no additives, cvs brand and have been adding a little to his wet food twice a day. So far he either hasn't detected anything or likes it. It doesn't have much of a taste. I am not sure of how much to put in. He weighs around 14 pounds, and the capsule is 475mg, and 4 is the human daily dosage. Any math majors out there? I'm still working on the same capsule for 5 dishes of wet food so far. about half of it left. He eats wet twice a day. Want it to be effective, but don't want him to refuse to eat it.
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Not feeding your cat dry cat food can help a lot with crystitis. A lot of cats don't drink enough water. Cats on dry food not only need their normal water intake but an increased intake to account for the moisture absorbed by the dry food. Also, feeding wet diet that doesn't contain a lot of carbohydrates will help your cat maintain it's acidic balance. Food with less fruit, grains, and veggies can help.
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