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New Member says hello

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Hi All, I'm not used to writing on forums, but I find this site very inviting. I am a fairly new cat lover. Got my 1st kitty in 2001, and my other baby in Dec. 2002. I love them both to death. Would welcome any and all threads, and I am looking forward to communicating with you all. Have a happy and safe 4th. Anna
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Hello Anna. Don't worry, you'll get used to posting and be one of the family in no time!

What are your cats' names? Tell us some more about them. Stop by the Lounge and join in the conversation. We love getting to know new members.
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Welcome to the site! Yup, we love getting to know you and your kitties. This really is a great site, too. Very, very friendly place to get your feet wet with the whole forums thing.
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Anna - be careful!

It's addictive - you'll run up a massive phone bill!!!


Seriously. It's great fun here. Welcome, you'll love it!
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Prepare to have fun!
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Welcome, airhead50! Where in the world did you get that name? :laughing2 I think you'll have a great time here, and if you're like me, you'll have a hard time getting away from the computer! Be sure to tell us about your kittens'antics!
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Hello, actually, I gave myself that name cuz I feel like such a "ditz" sometimes. It's just a funny way of saying I'm kindof forgetful. Must admit, it is unique(sp?)
I'm trying to figure out how to put a picture of my kittys on the site, but am having trouble. Someone told me to find the answer in the F.A.Q but can't find anything pertaining to this. Any suggestions? Your cats are very pretty. Mine are both females, their coloring & markings are alot alike, but are not blood related. Chewy, the youngest is what they call a "mitten" cat. She came from inter-bred parents. She has 6 toes on the one front paw, 7 on the other front, & normal back paws. Should have named her "Big foot" but she's too cute for that. I wanted to name her Mittens, but we named her Chewy cuz she looks like Chibaca (on Star Wars). Gizzy, my 1st cat is black & tan, 1/2 her face is black, 1/2 brown. Looks really mean, but a big bluff. Anna
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I love the name "Mittens" - my neighbour's cat is called this, and she is such a cutie, and has lovely manners when she comes round for a visit - the cat not the neighbour....

Nice to meet you Anna
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Anna, Have you checked the thread in the Cat Lounge, "Your Computer Questions Answered."? I'm sure you'll find the answer there. If not, post another question. Good luck! p.s. I don't have the answer, because I don't have the equipment to post pictures yet. Sorry!
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