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Triumph Brand Food

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Just a quick question for all... Is Triumph canned a good food to give cats as a staple diet? It says "Low Magnezium" on the can, which must be a plus. I also notice that this is the only cat food with a table of nutrtional values just like on foods for human consumption. This may be just a nice packaging ofcourse... So, what do you think?
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I took a look at their website. Which formula(s) are you intending to feed? Most of the ingredients look good, except for the animal liver. All of the other ingredients look good. Lots of meat. I just don't understand why they ruined it by adding animal liver. Other than that, they look fine. It's up to you, though.
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A recipe I just found to make your own raw food said to be sure to include liver and heart. Why is liver bad?
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Liver is good .. I beleive Apricot is talking specially about the unknown orgin of animal liver
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Correct sharky. Liver and heart are excellent for cats! I feed them all the time, as part of my cat's raw diet. But the liver listed in Triumph is "animal" liver. It doesn't state what animal it came from. It could from any animal under the sun! Turkey, rabbit, horse, monkey, road kill, who knows? Also, the liver's source may change all the time. This is especially bad if you have a cat with allergies to certain proteins. For instance, maybe one time you buy Triumph, the liver came from turkey. But the next time you buy it, it comes from beef. What if your cat has allergies to beef? How would someone know it's the liver causes the allergies? I prefer to know what types of meat I'm feeding to my cat. My personal opinion.
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So is allergy the only concern here? What if neither of my cats have any, would this be a good food for them?
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as long as your cat does not have allergies i dont think its really significant what animal the liver comes from. i highly doubt its from monkeys or roadkill. i think its also very unlikely that it comes from horse or rabbit although its possible and there is nothing wrong with it.
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I've used the Triumph pouches and my cats liked them. The animal liver was my only hang up on it, but the prices was good (marked at 34 cents each and on sale on top of that!) so I bought about $6 worth. It's something I will probably use again when money is tight and I need wet food!
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