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I'll just die if it's ring worm again.

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On Sunday I noticed a spot on the side of Jordan's face that has not hair, but it also has some small scabbing. I'm moving in a week & a half & I pray it's not ring worm. I'll just die if it is. I'm thinking it might be something else because it appeared all of a sudden & the scabs are strange for ring worm. Any ideas what else it might be? I'm keeping a close eye on it so I don't think it requires a vet trip, but I'm wondering if one of his syblings got a little over zealous in playing & hurt him?
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you probably know ringworm is highly contagious. I would use any med I have left, or better yet take hime to the vet.
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Oh yes I'm all too farmiliar with R.W. Jordan had it twice when he was a kitten & Issac had it once. I've got some topical stuff I put on it last night just to be sure.
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Did you do the woods light test? Thats a pretty good way to tell.
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what causes cats to get ringworm? would a healthy indoor cat get it?
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I may have brought it home from the shelter or from one of the foster homes I visited that has kittens with R.W. I also think that Jordan's immune system is not as strong as other cats.
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I think the most positve diagnoses is getting a test at the vet for ringworm.
Maybe its a flea bite area that got stratched alot??
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They don't got outside so I don't know where they would get fleas, but it really doesn't look like ring worm. He & Isaac looked like they were having issues this morning (alpha stuff) and there were large tufts of both of their hair left on the floor. So I'm wondering if something happend & he got bit or scrached? I could borrow the woods light from the shelter just to be sure, but I'm currently in freak out mode over the move so I just don't know when I would have time.
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well we just had a ring worm scare too.
i have a bottle of mixture that i keep.... and one foster cat had a bit of ring worm trouble whn she was a kitten... a few days ag she had a scab which i just dabbed just in case... better safe than sorry.
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