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Good afternoon

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Well here in a bit I have to go to work which does not seem like such a bad thing where as at the other place I dreaded it. Tavia seems to enjoy me being home at night time. Last night I was in bed and she came and layed on top of me and started purring. And then Lilly got in bed with me and she alternated between my bed and dad's. And Macy slept up against me I woke up and couldn't move again. Although I had a bit of trouble sleeping I had a bad headache. I thought it was sinuses but my dad thinks it was a tension headache from being nervous about the new job and from hoping I do well. But I think I did well for my first night. It will just take me a while to learn who everyone is and to get used to it all. But I like it there and so that counts for alot. Well I hope everyone has a good day and stays nice and cool its a hot one out today.
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Well i'm just reading this now so your probably on your lunch by now
I hope you are having a good day at work too ,its always great when you work somewhere you enjoy
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