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Siamese Characteristic?

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My 11 week old Siamese kitten Kona has a funny characteristic that I've never really seen in a moggy or my previous daughter who was a Russian Blue.

He will stand on his back legs and actually walk and even run! Just last week he was following me around meowing after me and my husband burst out laughing. He told me that as I was walking down the hall Kona was on his back legs running, waving his arms in the air as he meowed after me!

I have examined Kona's anatomy and noticed that his back legs are longer that the average cat and wondered if that's why he feels so comfortable on two legs. Never had much to do with Siamese and wondered if anyone else had seen this behaviour in any other cats?

My Russian Blue would stand on her two back legs regularily but not walk or run on them!

Look forward to your responses!
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Hi Lisa, and thanks for a really interesting as well as amusing post!

I've been owned by Siamese cats from the time I came home with Mom from the hospital *grin* and can honestly say that yes...I have seen the behavior you've described. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen, but I have only seen it a couple of times. I've never seen any other cat do it, but that is not to say it is only a Siamese thing.

You should get a picture if you can and post it here. I'll bet it would go over really well in the Caption This forum!

Looking forward to hearing more about Kona!

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That sounds really funny, I can just imagine what it must look like.
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I would love to see my Chloe do this! She weighs 14 pounds and can barely get herself up on the couch let alone on 2 legs. I have never seen her do it even when she was younger. Very interesting....
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Bugs also runs across the floor on his hind legs, often for no apparent reason. The was about three when we got Tum as a kitten, and darned if Tum didn't learn to do the same thing.

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